headache I had witty posts I wanted to write. Things about how I hate this phase of pregnancy when it just looks like you have eaten one too many bowls of mac n cheese instead of that you are pregnant. Or it could be the bowl (or 2) a night of mac n cheese. I wanted to write about my kids wonderful traveling selves. Spending 3 hours in the car both ways to and from Chicago with nary a DVD player in site (gasp) entertaining themselves and their parents with made up songs, games and drawings. Or I could tell you about how great it was to go back to the church where the hubby and I met and seeing tons of old and dear friends who we pick up with like we never left.

But instead I am sitting in bed, in a dark room trying in vain to get rid of a headache that has haunted me since I woke up. I wouldn’t complain, but I seem to be getting them everyday. And I am pretty confident my kids are tiring of me saying, “Stop making noise, go somewhere else” anytime they come into my presence. And the hubby. Well he has got to be shopping for new wives cause I am just a disaster. And that, “not tonight I have a headache” thing is not boding well for our Challenge.

So I can’t really take anything but Tylenol. Which no offense to the good people at Tylenol, doesn’t do a thing for my headaches. Sleep seems to help, but oddly enough my kids don’t seem to want to sit and read books all day while I sleep. I am talking to my doctor on Friday when I go for my checkup, but I know I have brilliant readers. Help a sister out. Anyone get bad headaches when they were preggo and what did you do? Thanks in advance, I am off to try that sleep thing again and crossing my fingers that tomorrow is headache free :)


  1. Heather F says:

    This might sound completely dumb, but I think I remember a homeopathic remedy of rubbing mint on your temples. It’s supposed to be help relax you or relieve stress. Yup, just googled it. Mint or mint oil on forehead or temples. Hope you feel better soon! <3

  2. I await miracle pregnancy headache remedies as well!
    Mint usually helps me a little, but not these headaches.
    :( help me too!

    Lanas last blog post..We have wheat, and other happenings

  3. Chrissy L. says:

    Check with your OB first….but, benadryl sometimes helps…

  4. More protein & LOTS of water was the answer for almost all my pregnancy woes. I hope you feel better soon.

    A long soak in a warm tub might help too!

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  5. I’m right there with ya, sista! Can’t wait to hear what people have to say…

    Brandy T.s last blog post..14 days.

  6. I ditto the more protein and lots of water! not an overnight cure, but should help in a couple of days. Also make sure you’re eating every couple of hours – it helps with your blood sugar levels and keeps them on a more even keel. And speaking of sugar – cut it out!! I know it sounds like torture while pregnant, but sugar can increase headaches a lot during those 9 months.

    Hope you feel better!

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  7. I also had headaches everyday while pregnant w/ my boys. For some reason I didn’t have headaches during my pregnancy with Emmy (maybe the hormones?). I went to a chiropractor which is safe while pregnant. I went a couple times a week for 2-3 months but unfortunatly it didn’t work for me but it does for a lot of people so it would be something to check out. I also went and got massages and he was able to take the heachache away while I was there but it came back a couple of hours later. I also took magnisium. My doctor was able to prescribe something after me complaining at every appointment. I forget was it was called but it had tylenol, asprin (which is safe up until the last couple months of pregnancy), and a little caffiene. You could also try just having caffiene w/ your tylenol. I think that I tried everything possible (included nasal irrigation, new pillows, etc) b/c I was so miserable. Another thing that my doctors suggested was exercise but it was really hard to get over my headache in order to go work out. Good luck, hopefully one of those things will work for you. I can give you the names of the chiropractor if you want it. Maybe the headaches mean that you are having a boy!!

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  8. Rubbing mint may help, but its not homeopathic, perhaps its an herbal remedy?

    I would highly suggest two things, both of which are completely safe during pregnancy:

    1) see a homeopath and find out what remedy will best help you. It’s likely that you’ll need a full constitutional intake for the homeopath to fully understand your symptoms. Try to find one who is experienced with pregnancy concerns, even if it means an appointment via skype. Homeopathy is completely safe for pregnancy (I did my thesis on this) and I’ve successfully helped many women during pregnancy and labour with a variety of concerns.

    2) find a chiropractor who is specialized with pregnancy and pediatrics. You should be able to find one at http://www.icpa4kids.com/ If you are fearful of chiropractic, then take the time to discuss your fears, as it is amazing how much it can do for you and your pregnancy.

    3) OK I did say two things, but look into having a massage with a registered massage therapist, this can help if your headaches are caused by stress and tight muscles. Besides how nice is it to spoil yourself with a massage right now?

    Finally if one or all of these things are not bringing you relief in the next couple of days, its wise to see your MD just to rule out anything serious.

    Whitney Collins HD

  9. I’ve never been pregnant but I am an expert when it comes to headaches. I get them all the time. I think a big trick is to do something about it right as you start feeling one come along. If you wait it’s normally too late to do much for it. Is it possible you are just dehydrated? When I feel a headache coming I start to drink a bunch of water. This has really helped me. Another thing that really works is meditation. I am sure that is hard with children…but sometimes if I just lay there (with my water) and focus on my breathing and nothing else it goes away. Good luck!


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  10. I actually cut my hair off. I had long, thick hair and it made my headaches so much worse. Otherwise I took Tylenol, rubbed my temples and probably complained excessively. Sorry that doesn’t help.

    Taiyas last blog post..Help!

  11. Shauna says:

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking lots of water seemed to help me. When I had a really bad one, drinking a coke (with caffeine) with the tylenol usually helped ease it a bit. I already go to a chiropractor for structural headaches and my pregnancy ones were TOTALLY different headaches.

  12. I also suffered from horrible headaches while pregnant. I was hospitalized a few times, given IV fluids and an assortment of drugs deemed safe for pregnancy… but that never really helped. Here are the things that helped: PROTEIN! eat steak!! Fresh Air, and physical therapy. Physical Therapy was a God send… I never thought it would help, but it did!! Good luck, I know how desperate it feels to have severe headaches that won’t go away.

    sarah’s dandelionss last blog post..Seven…

  13. Sure this won’t be the most healthful tip you receive…..

    I also had headaches through a certain stage of my pregnancies and, like you, Tylenol helped nary a bit.

    What did help was caffeine – a large glass of Coke with ice in it didn’t always completely take the headache away, but it did at least tame it somewhat. I’m not a tea or coffee drinker and rarely drink soft drinks, so maybe the occasional jolt of caffeine worked better for me than it would for others.

    I know doctors don’t recommend caffeine when you’re pregnant, but it was better than taking the aspirin I normally take or being sequestered away for the day.

    Hope you find something that works for you soon!

    Traceys last blog post..Small Things for Which to Be Thankful

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about your headaches.

    My answer to almost everything health related is WATER. Seems silly and so simple, but most health-related problems stem from dehydration. (Are you getting a lot of headaches in the a.m.? After you’ve gone your longest without water?) Chug some serious water all.the.time. When I was preggo, I would even drink a considerable amount of water during the night (when I woke up to go to the bathroom.)

    Try this for the few days before you go see your OB.

    Heather Hs last blog post..Party Food and Getting Caught in the Act

  15. Andrea says:

    I feel for you. I deal with hormonal migraines every single month.

    One thing my dr has me take is a calcium-magnesium supplement. I started taking them right around the time of the month I would normally begin to suffer (talk about adding insult to injury – as if PMS isn’t bad enough!), and I’ve been headache free so far! My neurologist also suggested butterbur extract – I haven’t been able to find it here, but there have been studies that prove it is helpful. I’m not sure about during pregnancy, but just like anything, it would be good to ask your dr.

    Unfortunately, because it sounds like your migraines are hormonal like mine, you may get lots of them until your 2nd trimester. Mine tapered off then, but picked up again towards the end of my pregnancy. And most homeopathic remedies don’t really work for migraines, since regular headaches are caused by tension or stress or environment.

    I found this article about fighting migraines – I don’t know if it will help, but sometimes it’s nice to know we aren’t suffering alone. :)

    Hang in there, girl! I’ll be praying for you!

    Andreas last blog post..BBB:: Discussion for April 23

  16. I saw your first comment was about mint – I read a study earlier in my pregnancy that found that drinking peppermint tea was almost as effective as OTC pain relievers for headaches. I don’t know that I’d go that far, but it DOES seem to help my headaches, especially if it’s nice & sweet.

    Good luck!

    Jenis last blog post..Before 9 a.m.

  17. CHIROPRACTIC! It completely depends on the origin of the headache, but it is definitely a great place to start. I come from the largest chiropractic family in the world and was a constant consumer, if you will, through both of my pregnancies. I was in a different city, though, and had to go to a family friend. Anyway, if you can find a chiro that practices active release, it is AMAZING what it can do for headaches. It is series of calculated stretches and it helped me so, so much.

    Another thing that you can do for YOURSELF is to find the pressure point on top of your head. Think of where a baby’s soft spot is and move slowly back until you find a spot that is kind of tender. If you apply gentle, constant pressure to that spot, it SHOULD bring relief to your headache. I do it gentle and then increase the pressure until it is firm, but comfortable. Try it and hopefully it will help! There is also a pressure point behind your ears. I can’t figure out how to describe where it is, but if you just find the tender spot, it might help, as well.

    Hope you get some relief from SOMETHING! UGH! I totally, totally feel your pain. Hang in there!

    Devons last blog post..AMAZING!

  18. Hot rice packet on my head helped a bit…and total darkness…and sleep…Of course, not very conducive to parenting…sorry…Good News…they went away after the baby was born..hardy har har!

    Bobbis last blog post..Checking In…finally, for March…

  19. I had headaches with my third pregnancy every day. It was discovered that I had gestational diabetes. As soon as I cut sugar out of my diet, the severity of the headaches lessened. They didn’t go totally away but at least i could function. You might want to have a glucose tolerance test if you haven’t already had one.

    Jerris last blog post..The Simple Woman’s Daybook – April 20, 2009

  20. First of all, make sure you’re not dehydrated. A headache is usually the first sign. And see about a head and neck massage. It will totally be worth it!

    Jessicas last blog post..Linky Dinks

  21. I love your blog, just wanted to say. When I was pregnant with my first, I got horrible headaches. Nothing helped me either. The doctor prescribed darvecet for me. It worked well.
    Prayers to you, I know how those headaches can be. Good luck.

    Jills last blog post..Lily Kate Bag in Amy Butlers Duck Egg and Pink Coriander

  22. So sorry about the headaches! I got them HORRIBLY with both my pregnancies :p I’m actually with Tracey on this one. My doctor recommended an 8oz glass of coke/coffee – she said the caffeine will sometimes help. I figured it was worth a try & it DID help me.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    courtney@booksnboyss last blog post..PBJ Pizza

  23. Hey,
    I got a hormonal migraine a week or 2 ago and my doc prescribed T3…Tylenol plus codienne. It really helped (when added to extra rest & LOTS of water) and she said its ok to take while pregnant. (I was like 9 weeks then.)

    Stephanies last blog post..12 Weeks! Yay! Second Trimester here we come!

  24. Alisha says:

    Tylenol generally doesn’t work for me either. Excedrine almost always works, though, and the only difference is the caffeine. But, being preggers, you have to limit your caffeine intake. So, I have found that one Tylenol and one Excedrine can almost always knock out my headaches.
    Your headaches could also be related to your sinuses. Swollen sinuses are a part of pregnancy, and a simple solution could be a nasal spray. You would need to see your doc, though, for that.
    But I strongly agree with making sure your hydrated, and check into seeing a Chiropractor. They could help you figure out the source of the headaches, offer homeopathic solutions to other issues during your pregnancy, and it couldn’t hurt to have one as you progress in your pregnancy (back pains, pelvic discomfort, etc.), right?
    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  25. Oh, and making sure you have enough B vitamins in your system can help a lot too! (prenatals don’t have enough so I always take an extra B-Complex)

    Donielle@Raising Penautss last blog post..Giveaway: Real Food for Mom and Baby

  26. I get headaches a lot anyways and Tylenol rarely helps so I know what you mean about trying to find something while pregnant! I noticed that if I was even a little bit hungry I would get queasy and my headache worse. Naps helped also but you can’t get those with toddlers lol. Caffeine also helped a little.. or chocolate (but maybe that was just because I wanted some?) lol I know I craved mac n cheese on the first one and tons of protein. With all 3 pregnancies I crunched ice almost all day long and broke a molar this last time doing that (oops).

    Candices last blog post..Life as I know it

  27. I always consumed insane amounts of caffeine for my pregnancy headaches. Oh I kid.

    but seriously, I did get horrible pregnant headaches – my doctor prescribed something that was like super tylenol (and it actually worked)! :-) hopefully your doc will give you the good stuff too!

    Beccas last blog post..And then I thought I might die

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