Heart Shaped Pizza The Easy Way- Works For Me Wednesday

It is well documented that I am severely lacking in the “fun mom” department. I mean every once in awhile I have some sort of stroke of brilliance but those moments are few and far between.

BUT it is Valentine’s Day. And thanks to Pinterest I ROCKED some school Valentines. Ok, so full disclosure. I showed Lily some pictures on Pinterest and she made them. But still. FUN MOM.

So for dinner I felt I needed to step up my game. Off to Pinterest…..

Source: familyfun.go.com via Teanna on Pinterest

I can do heart shaped pizza!!

So I decide that during Silas’ naptime, Hannah and I will make some dough. But then I got sleepy at naptime and Hannah begged to play on the computer and I decided if she played on the computer I could nap. AND long story short. No crust was made.

No problem. I can make the crust after I pick up Lily from school. Except no. That didn’t happen.

So, fun mom becomes resourceful mom.

I found a Boboli pizza crust in the back cupboard, cut it into the shape of a heart. Cooked it using the scraps to make some cheese bread (seriously, don’t try this at home- this is an expert mom move)

Heart shaped pizza

Seriously how am I a blogger when this is the picture I take. Also what kind of blogger only takes one picture and not pictures of the entire process. Sigh.

BOOYAH! Fun mom is in da house!!!!

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  1. My 4 year old would love a heart shaped pizza. Thanks for sharing! :)
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