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WFMW  Believe it or not it was a year ago today that we all learned about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. I vividly remember watching the news, which I typically don’t do, feeling like I needed to watch because I felt so very helpless. And for days, maybe even weeks we watched, but then time went by and other news stories began to dominate and it dropped of our radar. We had given our money and said our prayers and there just didn’t seem like much left for us.

When I went to the Dominican Republic with World Vision earlier this year one of the mornings was spent at an area with Haitian refugees. The described what life was like in the days after the earthquake. The family we spoke to were unable to find their son for three days. THREE DAYS. Can you imagine as a parent what that would be like. Searching through the rubble of your children’s school, praying they were somehow alive.


A beautiful Haitian girl who loved to have her picture taken. Photo courtesy Amanda

So, they fled their country and went across the border searching for a new life for themselves and their families. But here is the thing. In the Dominican Republic, they have no status. Because they aren’t citizens there they have no rights, no access to education, no access to governmental programs. They essentially don’t exist in the system. Yet this life was better than the one the had in Haiti. This life, living in the slums and having no rights, was the preferred life.

I was thinking about that today as I was trying to arrange my schedule around Silas’ naptime. Things were interfering today with his routine and it was causing me all sorts of stress because I am a firm believer in sleep and routines. What a first world problem to have. I am not remotely knocking the need for routines and sleep schedules, clearly kids do better when there are both. But in many parts of the world stability is so far off the radar. A regularly scheduled nap is hard to come by when you don’t have a place to lay your head.

So as we come upon the anniversary of the quake I was thrilled to learn about the Heart of Haiti Project. Through a partnership with Macy’s, Heart of Haiti offers artisan-crafted decorative arts and jewelry for sale. But the coolest part is that all income from sales of the products helps provide for the artisan’s family’s nutrition, educates children, and brings access to healthcare. One of the most important things I learned in the DR is that these people aren’t looking for handouts, they want to feel worthwhile again. So for me, the most important thing this project does is help to restore the artisan’s dignity.

The products are very eclectic and at varied price ranges so I really think there is something for everyone. I personally am loving this jewelry hanger.

jewelry hanger

I think the idea of gifts that give back is a powerful one. One of my favorite gifts from this past Christmas is a scarf that was made by artisans in Africa and every time I wear it I think about a woman halfway across the world who was positively affected by someone’s gift to me. I love finding easy ways to give to those in need and this totally fits that bill. I hope you will check out their line and think of it next time you need to grab a gift for someone.

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  1. Ugh. I firmly believe that Haiti and Africa and other places need all the help they can get. But not at the hands of Macy’s. Only 22% of the PROFITS actually goes to the artisans to help their families. Macy’s gets to keep the rest. On top of whatever isn’t considered profit because it was used to transport the item. It’s a PR thing for Macy’s. Makes them look good, but at the expense of the people who could be getting the full price for these items if some other organizations were doing it. I can’t remember the names at the moment, but I know there are plenty of orgs out there that sell native wares and a much much higher percentage of the sales goes back to the people. :(
    I don’t have any beef against you in this, I just HATE this kind of marketing!

  2. Any way we can help Haiti is important. This gives some people an opportunity who normally would not give. Thank you for making us aware. I send money through our church’s organization and thankfully I know how much goes to the people and how much goes to the worker’s. It is important to help in anyway we can! It is heart breaking to imagine the conditions the people are living in.
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  3. Thank you for sharing Heart of Haiti. This is an amazing project, and I enjoyed reading!! Have a wonderful day and keep Haiti in your thoughts today!


  4. Praying today for the people of Haiti. They have suffered so much. Thank you for this post and your heart for a hurting people.

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