The Year of Eating Healthy

image   At the end of 2010, sometime in December, out of the blue Lily says to me, “This was the worst year of my entire life.”

Now she is seven and may be prone to exaggeration and drama (I have NO idea where she gets that….), but I was concerned. Well very, very mildly concerned because she seems to be having a really great year. So I asked her why she would say such a thing. She informed me it was because it was the year she had to eat healthy.

If you have read my blog over the past year, you know we made some pretty dramatic changes in our eating this past year. What started as eliminating HFCS and making my own bread, led to me joining a CSA, buying 1/4 of a cow and basically cutting out 90% of processed and fast food. That is the one that is killing my kids. It isn’t even like we ate it that much but just knowing that they can’t have McDonalds ever again seems to be akin to Chinese water torture.

I think food tastes better when it is real. I think I feel a million times better when we eat things that I can pronounce. And I have discovered some wonderful foods I never even heard of before last year (you must try kohlrabi). My kids even like going to our coop and CSA to pick things out. But then when it comes time to eat it, they freak out. Now I should be fair. They have tried some new things. Lily would subsist on grass fed beef and CSA carrots if I let her. Hannah will at least take teeny tiny bites of things and has discovered some new things she loves. And Silas….well Silas has never known any different. So he eats everything we give him. And then some.

I went grocery shopping today and marveled a bit at what I brought home and what was in my cupboards. It is just wild. As is my grocery budget as compared to a year ago. You see I had become the queen of coupons typically saving at least 50% at the grocery store. Oddly enough there aren’t a whole lot of coupons for produce and cows. But if you really can tell what you value by what you spend your money on, I am fine with that. I have never eaten better.

Let’s be clear. I live by the 80-20 rule. I ate Jelly Bellies yesterday and I am pretty sure they don’t grow out of the ground. Although if they do, I want to go to there. And my kids get “treated” to Goldfish from time to time. We do still eat out when we travel although we try and hit Panera and Wendy’s cause I feel a little bit better about their standards. I really don’t want to become a nazi about my eating and make it unpleasant for everyone around me.

But this year I decided that I want to take things a little bit different direction. This year I want to be about LOCAL. I want to spend as much of our money in a way that keeps the bulk of our money right where I live. I think this will be far more challenging because frankly it takes way more effort and probably more money. But I also want to reduce the amount of crap I bring into our already filled to the brim life so that suits me just fine. I have a garage sale pile you wouldn’t believe and I want to just get rid of it all and start over from scratch. I won’t of course, but this is the way we want our family to head.

It isn’t a resolution per se. I just wanted to record it on this here blog cause it was in rereading posts from the beginning of last year that I recalled how far we had come in our eating. So next year I hope to come back to this post and be amazed at how we changed in this are too. What do you think? Are you with me?

What big change do you hope to make this year?


  1. Aw, hopefully they’ll come around :-) It’s amazing how quickly your tastes change, isn’t it? So glad you’re “going local.” It’s a fun, rewarding adventure.
    Wendy (The Local Cook) recently posted…Blueberry and Corn Skillet BreadMy Profile

  2. Yup, we’re there. My kids have learned to love it, although my oldest is just turning 3. Once they get used to it the get a LOT less picky too. My daughter asked me the other day, when served her lunch, “Hey, where’s my broccoli?!” A year ago she wouldn’t touch the stuff. That’s not to say if you offered her ice cream with sprinkles that she wouldn’t dive in and ask for more! Just, maybe that doesn’t happen too often, usually when grandparents visit, or maybe we make homemade ice cream and top with a few sprinkles. And they’ve evolved new favorite “treats.” We can’t go into a grocery store without buying bananas. Do I care? Nope. Cheap and healthy!

    This year we’re planning to do a LOT more canning/preserving [which will be tricky since I’m having a baby in early August], and this week we’re buying a WHOLE cow!! Should be very fun.
    Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama recently posted…Baby HoldersMy Profile

  3. Thanks for starting making your bread…I hopped on that particular band wagon and have bought very few loaves since last March. I use the recipe you recommended and my family loves it. Thanks for the inspiration. We try to buy locally too, although, I’m sure I could do better in that endeavor. Someday we’ll buy a house and a big freezer and will be able to buy grassfed beef…until then, we just try our best! :)
    Chris recently posted…See you laterMy Profile

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