Happy Halloween and Stuff

  Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!! I had to leave town just to get away from all thecandy. My body is made up of 50% sugar right now. Actually the hubby wisked me away overnight so that we could have a little hubby/wife time as a reprieve from all our mommy/daddy time. When you start calling your husband Daddy more than his name, you need a getaway.

So I am a little late on a couple of things, but I figure better late than never. First, Scribbit “ghosted me last Friday and although Halloween is over, I am passing the meme on. Cause hello? Scribbittagged me. Scribbit. She is big time people and if you aren’t reading her you should be. So go check her out. Sundays are always a good day to do so cause her Sunday recipes are yummy!!

So it is my job to tag three other bloggers (she did six and is clearly an overachiever) and spread the Halloween love around. I realize it is past Halloween, but I figure as long as I am still eating Halloween candy, the meme is still valid. And that will take us well into December I think. So I am tagging 3 of my newer additions to my blogroll: Suburb Sanity, Short Stop and Being Frugal is Fabulous. Spread the love ladies.

Finally, we have some winners in the bloggy spa giveaway. According to random number generator my winners are:

  • Amanda A.
  • Alicia M.
  • Adam S.

What is with the “A” winners. BTW- Adam S. is my wonderful brother who entered on behalf of his pregnant wife. I swear that he was picked completely randomly. How fun it that!! If for some reason I don’t hear back from the winners I will keep drawing until I get someone.


  1. Well, I am very honored. Thank you so much for thinking of me! And I know I’ll still be stealing my kids’ Halloween candy for a long, long time.

  2. Glad you liked the puking pumpkin :)

    Michelle at Scribbits last blog post..Most Excellent Minestrone

  3. Thanks so much for the honor! Love the puking pumpkin, very classy!

    frugalisfabs last blog post..Frugal Tip: Skype

  4. Jen@BigBinder says:

    Dang, dude. Scribbit? DANG!

    Jen@BigBinders last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  5. Sarah @ Short Stop says:

    So, I’m guessing that’s a newly preggo pumpkin? Glad you and your hubby got a night away. Man, I’m jealous!

    See you tomorrow!

    Sarah @ Short Stops last blog post..A Million Little Things

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