Happy EST Week (alt. titled really gross poop story to follow- you have been warned)

What? You have never heard of EST week? That is why it pays to read this blog, my peeps. I keep you in the know. In honor of the fact that Huggies are the thickEST wipes around, Huggies is spending the week celebrating all things EST. Today we are kicking it off with a celebration of all things poop. Ok, so maybe not a CELEBRATION (although we do often talk a bit too much about poop on this blog), but let’s discuss one of my “poopiEST” situations.

As I have mentioned time and time again, we are a fan of the road trip. Some people might call being trapped in a car with 3 little people for seven hours torture, but oddly enough we call it vacation. But I will confess, one of the problems with road trips is bathroom emergency. The worst kind of emergency is with the out of diapers set because sometimes they fail to tell you they need to potty until you hear, “Mommy, I’ve got to go potty bad. RIGHT NOW!!” and you see nothing but cornfields for miles. Ack.

But I propose that there is a worse problem (cause let’s be honest WORST case scenario there are always some bushes by the side of the road). That problem arises with the still in diaper crowd. When you smell an odor all the way in the front seat wafting up from the back, you know things can’t be good. Again, no exits to be found. And then, the kid, unhappy with his lot in life begins to wail. You give your hubby the “you better find someplace to pull over and fast” look and pray that the state patrol isn’t around as he steps on the gas.

We found ourselves in such a situation and the nearest exit to be found was a sad and pathetic one. Our choices were a) gas station that clearly was built sometime in the Eisenhower administration and had the kind of facilities that were outside the building and required a key or b) Taco Bell. Well any parent in their right mind is choosing the Taco Bell. And not only because at the time of this trip I still ate questionable forms of meat if they were slathered in “cheese” a top some nacho chips.

As I go to grab my child out of the car seat I notice that we have a situation on our hands. This was one of those blow outs that no diaper could hold (not even a Huggies, ahem). It was everywhere. Legs, back, car seat. Nothing was spared. So I grab the toxic baby and head for the restroom. Peel off the clothes and they go straight for the garbage. Yes, the outfit was cute, but barely salvageable in this situation. I wiped down exposed parts of the child with wipe and proceed to take her over to the changing station.

Except there is no changing station. I even checked the handicapped stall where they sometimes hide those things. No station. I yell out the door to my hubby, “Can you ask them where there changing station is?” I am not sure what I thought the result of that was going to be. I think I was secretly hoping they would say they only had one in the men’s room so I could pass this nightmare off to someone else. Nada.

So I bring my diapered baby back out to the restaurant. Find a corner booth, lay down a changing mat and change her. YES, I was probably committing 700 different kinds of health code violations, but let’s be honest. There were probably 700 more going on in the kitchen (don’t sue me Taco Bell). I did not know what else to do!! The floor of the bathroom seemed an incredibly gross option. In retrospect there were probably much better options, but I was a first time mom in a panic!! Oh the shame. Judge away.

How is that for a kick off to a celebration!! Nothing like a good poop story to get a party started!! Huggies will be partying all week over on Facebook and Twitter where you can share your silliEST, funEST, happiEST, and of course poopiEST stories. Make sure to head over and join in all the fun!!


  1. it boggles my mind that there are major chains that don’t put in changing stations. Yours is the perfect case in point.

    Neither Baja Fresh or Chipotle ever seem to have them and I want to shake the manager ask, “Do you really want me to change my poopy child on top of your eating surfaces?”


    Enjoy the poo :)
    Kendra aka The Meanest Momma recently posted…Easy Lunchbox Giveaway!My Profile

  2. So funny!
    Becky @TheVioletFig recently posted…Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

  3. Miss ya! and yes, I’ve been there. 7 hrs is in the car with kids could be considered torture depending on the kids moods

  4. Oh my gosh! I have BEEN THERE! Why on EARTH would any restaurant (THAT SERVES KIDS MEALS?!) NOT have a changing station?!?

    Seriously. I’ve been there. Can you tell?

    The last time was earlier this year, and fortunately, Annalyn was standing and walking and all that good stuff. I changed her diaper in the corner of the bathroom with her STANDING up.

    The bathroom was busy. The handicapped stall was full. There was NO changing station. I didn’t know what else to do either!

    Also. I love Huggies wipes and only buy that brand. All others are worthless. (So I’m all on board for this promotion!)
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  5. Yes, we were at a favorite local seafood joint when that happen to me with my oldest daughter. I ended up changing her on the sink then going to the car. What a mess. Thank goodness, both girls are potty trained now!! You have my sympathy!
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith recently posted…Why ChinaMy Profile

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