Happy Birthday to Me

birthday3  I am just going to warn you right off the bat this post is totally in the realm of TMI. If that disturbs you (mom) you might want to look away. I’ll ease you into it and save the TMI for the end. You have been warned.

It was my birthday on Saturday. I am 29 again!! We don’t need to discuss how old I really am, a lady never tells. And this is the one time I will act like a lady. The appropriate response here would be, “You don’t look a day over 25.” *crickets*……..

Anyway, I am not one to need extravagance on my birthday. In fact just getting to sleep in until 8 am was birthday present enough. But 3 kiddos and an awesome husband busting through the bedroom door at 8 am with a tray of “breakfast” was pretty awesome too. The reason breakfast is in quotes is that, although the eggs and juice were quite delicious, something was a bit off with the toast. Turns out it is possible to screw up toast if it is made by my 6 1/2 year old. She apparently believes she has discovered the secret to making perfect toast by only toasting it half the time and then popping it up early. Which equals lukewarm, soggy bread. She even told me her secret to “the best toast” and stated that “daddy said it isn’t good if it isn’t left in the whole time, but he is wrong, my toast is the best.” Thank goodness she has other talents.

Then we hustled out the door to go strawberry picking. I discovered quite quickly that we aren’t meant for life on the farm as my 2 little divas picked about 5 strawberries and immediately started complaining about the heat. The hubby followed close behind. So I gave up my dreams of strawberry farming and we went to buy some strawberries someone else had picked. Double the cost, half the whining. I think that is a pretty good deal. And we celebrated our good fortune with some ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, I forgot the best part of my birthday!! The hubby (and kids) got me an ice cream maker for my birthday. It is the best part of our new attempts to eat only “real foods”. Whole milk (organic), heavy whipping cream and vanilla make for some delicious birthday treats. Oh and don’t forget to top it with fresh strawberries off the farm and some Reddi-Whip. Ok, so that was left over from the pre- real food movement. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Instead I fear it is going to waist. Dang, apparently as I age so does my sense of humor. Incontinence jokes are sure to follow.

Now for the TMI: As you may recall I have an 8 month old who quit nursing a few months back. Before having him I was pregnant for 9 months (obviously). So my life has been delightfully free of a certain unwelcome “aunt”. Hopefully you catch my drift. I have felt for about a month now that my unwelcome friend might be making an appearance. Apparently, she decided to give me a little birthday “gift” of her own. FIRST THING ON MY BIRTHDAY MORNING. After a year and a half. You have GOT to be kidding me.

Thankfully the best cure for bloating, crankiness and getting one year closer to 40? I mean 30? Homemade ice cream. Oh did I mention this ice cream machine also make daiquiris?


  1. Up with ice cream, down with monthly visitors, up with strawberries, down with crabby kids, up with birthdays!

    Here’s to yours – wishing you lots of fun nights with that daiquiri..I mean, ice cream maker!

    xoxo Lisa-Jo

  2. Happy Birthday indeed! Except for that aunt part, dang it!
    Hope you made some strawberry rhubarb something too since I saw a little rhubarb in your picture!

  3. Mr. DiaperDiaries says:

    Goodness babe, you didn’t have something more discreet to blog about like discolored phlegm or explosive diarrhea?

  4. Dang Aunt Flo…..she just knows when to make an appearance, doesn’t she!
    Tammy recently posted…The not-so-hip(hop) MomMy Profile

  5. Sherry says:

    Happy birthday! :D Sorry about AF. Ugh!
    Sherry recently posted…Menu Plan Monday June 14-20 (Reviews, Pics, Recipe, Links)My Profile

  6. Ha!!! I enjoyed my “aunt” being gone for over 2 years while I was pregnant and nursed. When it came back I decided to continue having children just to avoid it. :) Then common sense jumped in and told me to deal with the inconvenience. :)
    Happy birthday!
    Amy recently posted…Perfection?My Profile

  7. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the work you put into this great blog.

    Blessings on your new year of life.

    LaVonne recently posted…Crying for DaddyMy Profile

  8. Hey! Happy happy birthday (a tad belated). I knew I had read your blog before, but wanted to come visit again after having talked to you last night. I’ve got “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” on hold at the library. Can’t wait to read it! Another friend was telling me yesterday about the book too.
    Sandy recently posted…Bee stings….who knew?My Profile

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! I am 39 and holding (for the second time this August….ahem.)

    Sorry your pesky Aunt came to visit on your birthday. You just need to make some dacquiris in your new fancy ice cream maker!
    Jamie recently posted…Just Add WaterMy Profile

  10. Bummer. But happy birthday anyway!
    Emily/Miss Mommy recently posted…Fort William {Inverlochy Castle & Glencoe}My Profile

  11. It’s a “party” on your birthday. Well, the ice cream was good, though.
    Paige recently posted…Unlived in, unwanted, unlovedMy Profile

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