Happy Birthday Silas- Things I Love Thursday

TILT Well I have tried to slow down time but I just can’t make it work. Today, Silas turns two. My baby turns two. My. baby. turns. two.

Silas, you bring so much joy to our life. In all actuality you bring joy to everyone you meet. You are so generous with your smiles  and giggles and even hugs and kisses. You love to catch a stranger’s eyes and bat your ridiculously long eyelashes at them and flash them a grin. Pretty much everyone is helpless against your flirtations.

You don’t say a lot but your language has really been blossoming lately. And who needs to communicate when you have two sisters at your beck and call. You are no dummy!! And nothing gets by you. You may not talk a lot but you understand everything. And if you think you can get a laugh out of someone you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. As a result, you get a lot of laughter at your adorable antics.

You love anything that moves. Planes, cars, trucks, trains, boats. Anything. And let’s not forget balls. Or anything you can turn into a ball that you can kick or throw. After “raising” two girls you are definitely a different breed. I am absolutely delighting in watching what delights you.

I have loved every minute of all the one on one time I get with you this year. With both your sisters in full time school at least three days we get a lot of great time. I can’t tell you how special it is to me. Thanks for brightening my days.

I am torn daily between dreading the fact you are no longer my baby and waiting with eager anticipation to see who you are turning into. I pray that you will always hold onto the joy for life that you have now. I pray that you will always delight in bringing smiles to those around you. And I pray that you will always love your mama like you do now (that one may be a pipe dream, but I can wish).

Happy Birthday little man. Your whole family adores you.

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  1. Two is SUCH a sweet age. The things they say in those adorable little voices!
    Kelly recently posted…cheerful morningsMy Profile

  2. Happy, happy Birthday Silas!!
    Carrie recently posted…Wednesday’s What I Found – Super Cheap PillowsMy Profile

  3. Such a sweet letter to your little man! Happy birthday Silas!
    Sarah @ Loved Like the Church recently posted…Scentsy Candles – Things I Love ThursdayMy Profile

  4. What a great tribute to your little boy:)
    The Gloss Girls recently posted…Caught Red-handedMy Profile

  5. Happy Birthday to your little man!

    Linking up this week. Thanks for hosting.

    LaVonne recently posted…The Lion King PuzzleMy Profile

  6. You have such a great blog. I enjoy reading it when I can. Happy Birthday Silas! Thanks for hosting.
    Susan with Permanent Posies recently posted…Spiced Pumpkin Pound Cake with Caramel GlazeMy Profile

  7. Aaww! So sweet! My little guy’s name is Silas, too! He turned two in May, and he is my sweet, sweet boy! Happy birthday!!
    Susan @ defrumpme.com recently posted…Ditching the Gals for the GuyMy Profile

  8. I’m glad you are enjoying this precious time with your little guy! Thanks for the great link-up.
    Aima recently posted…Twisters, Bears, and BraidsMy Profile

  9. What a fun age! They grow up so fast!
    Tonya Ferguson recently posted…Bajio Chile Chicken WrapsMy Profile

  10. Cherry says:

    Amazing linkups. And happy birthday little one. Turning 2. Seriously hold this time. They are gonna grow very fast. Enjoy your time with the baby.
    Cherry recently posted…Physical Therapy AssistantMy Profile

  11. Happy Birthday, Silas! (Mine youngest–until February–will be two next month!)
    Pam recently posted…Recipe Roundtable :: Bean & Barley SaladMy Profile

  12. I shared my Cinnamon Apple Butternut Soup.
    Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures recently posted…Cinnamon Apple Butternut SoupMy Profile

  13. Holy cow how did he turn 2??? Seems like yesterday you announced that you were pregnant. Happy Birthday Silas!!!
    Candace recently posted…Things I Love Thursday- John Frieda Volume RefresherMy Profile

  14. Thanks for hosting! I posted a profile about the antioxidant and mineral content of cumin seed.
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