Happy Birthday My Love!!

birthday Don’t you love it when it is someone else’s birthday, but you are the one who gets the present? What present you ask? Another year that I get to spend with my hubby. Yes, yes, it is mushy which typically makes me want to throw up, but what can I say? After being married for 9 1/2 years, he still makes me swoon. Well maybe not swoon, but giggle. A lot. Most of the time on purpose.

Last week I was talking to the aide in Hannah’s preschool room. She had gone through a rough divorce and her ex had basically disappeared. She shared some of her story and looked at me and said, “You know how blessed you are right? I see your husband and how he is with your girls and you are a blessed woman.” I know this, but it is good to be reminded lest we take these things for granted. Have you told your hubby how wonderful he is lately?

This is my inadequate attempt at telling mine. Thanks for being the best hubby and dad I could ever ask for. I love being married to you, laughing with you and sharing life with you. I also love that you are now two years older than me so I can make jokes about you being old. It really is amazing you put up with me at all. I truly am very, very blessed. Happy Birthday babe!

p.s, my hubby was born on his mom’s birthday. The baby part would be an awesome present. Not sure about the labor part. Either way, I am blessed to have her in my life as well. And very thankful she raised such an amazing man.


  1. Cat from iBlog says:

    so sweet! my hubby’s birthday is friday and I’ve already started thinking about a post to tell him how much i still love him and how he makes me swoon! We are very lucky women. There is divorce all around me. we’ve had our ups and downs, and this time may be hard, but it is growing up closer to one another and to God. He is using these trails to make our marriage stronger…and for that, I’m thankful! :) Thanks for sharing.
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  2. I can totally agree with your assessment of your husband. He is one-of-a-kind, a blessing to our family, a wonderful partner to my wonderful daughter, a devoted father to my beautiful grandchildren, and I can honestly repeat what I told him when you were first dating–He is an answer to prayer. I prayed for just such a husband for you. Praise God!!

  3. This is extremely heartwarming to read. Too many couples begin to drift aimlessly, carried by the tides of daily life, until all memory of affection and warmth is gone. Well done to you for your more-than-adequate post about being thankful for your life together. My husband and I began to drift, and since our third daughter was born a couple of months ago, have been enjoying a rebirth of intention, so to speak. Intending to focus more on our needs as a couple, so that we can be a stronger family. *steps off podium, realising that this was meant to be a compliment to you, not a comment about me* God Bless, and Happy Birthday to your husband!
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  5. happy birthday to your man!!! I love celebrating my hubby’s bday, he always tries to make everything about me, so once a year I get to make it about HIM! Hubby’s are fantastic to have around :)

  6. I just happened to blog about my husband today too, but his birthday is not until next week. I love reading blogs where women are praising their men rather than tearing them down. One quiet way to strengthen marriage.

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