Happy Birthday Hubby!!

happy birthday

Amongst some of my close blogger friends we have a secret code abbreviation, “GGG”. It stands for gaggity- gag-gag and it is employed whenever we see FB statuses that are ridiculously over the top mushy declarations of love for their spouse or bragging/praise for their kids (yes, we are mature). I mention this today, because it is about to get GGG up in here.

My hubby has a birthday today (well tomorrow as I am writing this on Mon. night). And although I (hopefully) spend a lot of time telling him how much he means to me, I take time once a year to tell all of you. He is truly the best thing that ever happened to me and I consider it an honor to get to be called his wife.

Before I met Ryan I had a string of dys.func.tion.al relationships. I dated guys who just didn’t treat me well (in their defense I wasn’t always the easiest person to be in a relationship with so they don’t deserve all the blame…..maybe 80/20Smile). By the time those had ended and before I met Ryan I remember telling a friend that I had reduced the qualifications I was looking for in a guy to two things. a) he is nice to me and b) that he makes me laugh.

If you read my dear husband’s comment on yesterday’s blog post you can be assured we have b) covered. In fact one of my absolute favorite things about my marriage is how much we laugh together. I think it is safe to say that sometimes we might be the only two laughing, but we crack each other up. And if I am going to grow old with someone, darn it, I am going to grow old laughing my you-know-what off.

But I also married a man who treats me exceptionally well. I am so beyond thrilled that my daughters and son will grow up with Ryan as a role model for what a husband is. He has set the bar quite high. He is considerate, sacrificial, almost always first to say he is sorry (yeah, I’m not good at that one- thank goodness I am almost always right……), and loves me absolutely and totally unconditionally.

So while I had reduced my list to two measly things, MAN did God deliver above and beyond my wildest dreams. I am so thankful that 38 years ago today, Ryan was brought into this world and that 12 years ago he was brought into mine. I love you bunches babe. Happy Birthday!!


  1. I can’t argue with anything you have said about Ryan. We are blessed also to call him our son-in-law. Pretty incredible man!!!

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