Happy Birthday Ah-Ah

  My kids have the best uncle ever. Well, they think so. And I have to agree. Don’t be fooled by the fact he is their only uncle. That is just a technicality.

And as a brother he isn’t so bad either. Except the time he completely forgot my birthday. But I suppose I had that coming for the time when he was 2 and I pushed him down so hard he blacked out and got a concussion. Or when he asked me to pierce his ear for him and I did so with my earring stud after putting some ice on his ear for a few seconds.  Or the many times I ratted him out to our parents over the years.

But the thing he must be most grateful for? When I was a junior in college he came to visit me at school. He was a senior in high school. Now taking into account that I was in college and possibly not following Jesus quite as I should, I thought I would be a super cool big sister and offer to buy him some alcohol before we went to a party. He requested wine coolers. I bought him beer and saved him from what I can only assume would have been the most embarrassing moment of his life.

Happy Birthday bro. Man, you are getting old…


  1. good thing you did save him. can you even imagine? :)


  2. That story re: wine coolers and Adam never gets old… hee hee, I always get a good chuckle. What a loving sister you were and still are!


  3. Hee hee! Great story!

    marigolds last blog post..Are we ALL having fertility issues?

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