Happy 2015

I am a sucker for the new year. I know technically nothing changes but the calendar but it feels like a completely fresh start. 2014 was pretty amazing, and I am hopeful 2015 is only going to get better. There is something HUGE in the hopper I can’t quite yet share, but it has me super excited and super petrified all at the same time. It has nothing to do with the blog per se, but is a major change for our family. More on that later…..

As for blogging, I must admit, 7 1/2 years in I am watching most of the bloggers around me who started when I did and have stayed the size I have quitting. I get it. Bloggers all over the place are talking about their frustrations keeping up with social media that never sleeps and all the places you “have to” be nowadays to achieve blogging success. I must say, it all just makes my head hurt.

I am not completely sure what 2015 will bring for this little corner of the interweb. I can’t imagine not blogging anymore, but I also feel my energy waning. And I know I mostly just feel like the old guy on the porch yelling at people to get off my lawn whenever conversations arise about the way we are expected to blog these days. I miss the old days where I wrote, you read and commented and I didn’t even think about pinning and tweeting and pushing my content to every corner of the universe. Sigh 2008 blogging. You were the best. Rest in peace.

I aim to post more fashion in 2015. Although I aimed to do that in 2014 and then realized taking pictures is a bit essential to that. So….. I also would love to do more old school generic life updates so you will all have to tell me if you are interested in those. Then again life has to prove itself more exciting than laundry, dishes and chaffeuring my kids around town. So……

I am starting Whole 30 again tomorrow and am super excited. I always feel the best when I am off sugar. And although I will surely miss it, I know I won’t miss feeling run down and exhausted. I probably need to start exercising again too (resolutions and all), but our schedule right now seems a bit overwhelming so I will Scarlett O’Hara that for now.

And now I am off to watch Downton. You are watching aren’t you?

What are your goals/ resolutions/ dreams for the new year?


  1. Happy New Year Jill!

    I plan on working on being more centered this year. Last year I was stressed off and on and on and that’s no good for anyone! Working on not being a “blurter” emotionally as well.

    I’ve been blogging a long ole time, too, and I really enjoy blogging about real-mom fashion. Can’t blog about my kids anymore! ;) Also hope to do more consulting and family travel reviews.

    Here’s to a brand new year!

  2. Love Downton and the old days. Can’t wait to see more fashion posts from you this year!
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  3. Shelley says:

    Yay for Downton! As for goals, weight loss is heavy on my mind (do ya see what I did there?). Getting healthier is never a bad idea, amiright?

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