Happy 2012!!!


Well that little bloggy break ended up way longer than I ended it. Sorry I went MIA without explanation, but it was kind of nice to turn off  my bloggy brain and enjoy some down time with the family. We actually had an eventful little break and I will have lots of blog fodder for a few posts at least.

Jo Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife has hosted a great blog recap carnival for the past few years. I have done it for the past few years and loved looking back over my posts for the year. I present you with the first line of the first post of each month of the year.


For a while I have had some ideas rattling around in my brain.

We kicked off the Marriage, Unwrapped series and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would keep it up for a whole year. Even wilder dreams, it lead to a whole new blog dedicated to growing marriages!! (ps. that blog launches on Mon and we had so much fun filming an intro video this weekend. Make sure you are subscribed!)


I am hunkering down for #snowpacolypse11 and it is thundersnowing.

Well this post really isn’t about the weather, but is a recap of Blissdom!! And oh how I loved looking at those pictures again. This year, I am thrilled to announce, I have been chosen as a community leader. I am already counting down the days until I can head back to Nashville. Will I be seeing you there?


Let’s start with an irrelevant side note: Searching for baby pictures to put on my blog is making my uterus hurt. I am powering through it though.

Oddly enough, my baby fever has switched to puppy fever. Which I think might be worse. Somebody stop me from spending hours on Petfinder. Anyway, this is a great list of tips from a chat I participated in with the famous Heloise. And as I reread them I remembered I really need to implement #1. Especially with a two year old boy.


I have over 800 Facebook friends (seriously, who are these people?), but only a few of them have I run my hubby before I hit accept.

This is one of my favorite posts from the marriage series and one that got a lot comments. I also had some strong disagreements with our stance that you shouldn’t have close friends of the opposite sex. I still strongly believe in guarding your marriage. Feel free to chime in if you didn’t the first time. (and since we brought up Facebook, you really should be a fan of The Diaper Diaries and For Better and Worse)


You might recall back in January that I went to a little conference called Blissdom (it is da bomb)

Last year my trip to Blissdom was sponsored by Bounce and this is another post about the Bounce bar. I am still loyally using that thing, so they really got their monies worth. This year I don’t have a sponsor so if you are interested……


It is sad that for most of my life I fully believed that Cool Whip was whipped cream

Ah, my ode to homemade whipped cream. Seriously, if you are still eating Cool Whip, stop. This stuff is crazy easy to make and is a little spoonful of heaven.


Holidays aren’t just the big ones. I would bet a bunch of you are spending your three day weekend traveling to see family. Ryan and I have some simple tips to help make navigating holidays “fight free.”

Did you all take our advice over the holidays? Ours were blissfully stress free (local peeps, we will be back on Fox News on Monday to talk about the new blog. Did I mention we have a new blog?)


I am a reformed credit card abusing, spending more than I made, buying things I couldn’t afford, Spendy McSpenderson.

A list of some financial tips. And while we are talking finances, for the last two years we have had the goal of paying off my student loans. These things refuse to die. 2011 saw the end to one. Feb. will see the end of #2. Only one will remain and I REFUSE to go into 2013 with debt. Fingers crossed.


After having two girls the main question we get when people see their little brother is “isn’t it so different with boys?

I love this post. And I am still loving exploring what being a mom of a boy means. Apparently it means cars, trucks, fire engines and planes. Christmas was a celebration of all things that move. I love how his face lights up with a simple car in his hand.


September has been a brutal month in our house. 

I STILL remember how busy that time was. This post is a much needed reminder to put your marriage first and not let business start to chip away at the foundation.


Let’s be clear. I have a little bit of a Pinterest addiction.

Addiction still VERY much intact. This is the BEST thing I have ever followed through on that I pinned. I still look at our art wall daily and it makes me all kinds of happy.


So I know I typically do a round up of great stuff I find throughout the week on my weekend post.

I am so happy to end the post with this video. If you didn’t click over and watch it the first time, do it now. It is so funny, I am laughing hysterically all over again!!

Fun huh? Well fun for me. Head over to Musings of a Housewife to link up your 2011 recaps. And if you did do a fun recap post let me know in the comments so I can come check it out. Happy 2012 everyone!! May it be your best year yet!!!


  1. See now I am wishing I’d done the first line of each first post of the month. I may have to throw it together real fast. What a fun recap!
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