giggle    Hannah still manages to make me laugh on a daily basis. Her love of life and enthusiasm regarding most everything that comes her way makes her a joy to be around. She spends her days up on her toes twirling around to real or imagined music. I often come upon her having conversations with her stuffed animals or possibly an imaginary friend. And my absolute favorite thing is that her prayers at night nearly always include “Thank you God for making my mommy the bestest mommy in the whole wide world.”

Lately she has come up with some phrases that I haven’t the faintest idea where they come from, but they have me giggling!! For instance she constantly compares things to a walrus. As in “I’m hungrier that a walrus.” Or “That is bigger than a walrus.” And my personal favorite, “That was funnier than a walrus.” The thing is, I am pretty sure she has no idea what a walrus really looks like because her comparisons make no sense. Like she will eat a piece of pizza that she claims is “bigger than a walrus”. And the best part about all of it is that she still can’t say her r’s. So it is much closer to wal-wus. Precious.

But her latest invention this weekend most definitely takes the cake. We were coming home from church Saturday night (side note- Saturday night church is DA BOMB cause we don’t have any “crazy, rushing around, screaming at the children to find their shoes so we won’t be late Sunday mornings.” We get them out of the way on Saturday night and spend our Sunday mornings lazy around the house- inside so our neighbors don’t think we are heathens). Wait, where was I?

Anywho. We are coming home from church Saturday night and Hannah pipes up from the backseat, “I have cold spices.” Now Hannah still has a slight speech problem with articulation so we didn’t quite know what she was saying. But after much questioning we confirmed that she did, in fact, say she had “cold spices.” After even more investigative work she told us that “cold spices” were the bumps you get on your arms when you are cold. We are officially replacing all talk of goose bumps in this house with “cold spices”. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


  1. Aww, that is so cute! My daughter is two, and the things she comes up with crack me up. She can definitely frustrate me to no end, but I have learned, and it seems more so every day, that children are constant amusement! And I will never cease to be amazed and awed at how their little minds work!

    And the “bestest mommy in the whole world” comments really are the best comments ever! I get “you are my best friend” a lot too. Of course, she also generously heaps that on her daddy, the dogs, and any number of her stuffed animals. But I like to imagine she says it to me most! And I will be reminding her she used to say that all the time come the teenage years! *shudder**
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  2. Aww, I love little kid “isms”. The walrus thing CRACKS ME UP.

  3. Aww those are so sweet! Sophie’s starting speech therapy this week. She says some really cute things like when she “reads” her Olivia Counts books she says “Seven Exorees” instead of “Seven Accessories” – I’ll miss it when those Sophie-isms are gone.
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  4. Love it! Kid sayings are the best!

    And I am totally with you on the Saturday night church thing! It doesn’t get any better than that! :)
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