prayer I have always found myself to be a glass half full kind of person. And to be honest, life hasn’t thrown me many curveballs to get down about. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but when I look around, it isn’t hard to see that I have been incredibly blessed. To try and act like life has been hard on me would just be insulting to those who have truly had an uphill battle. So in the big picture of things, I would definitely say I count my blessings and consider my life overwhelmingly full.

So big picture gratitude isn’t a problem. It’s day to day gratitude that I seem to struggle with. Do you know what I mean? Being grateful for a roof over my head as I complain about the drafty windows. Being thankful for the clothes we have to wear as I run the 7th load of laundry. Being thankful for the blessing of children as I lock myself in the bathroom to get away from the tantums. Being thankful for the baby we tried for a year to have when I am up for the third time that night while I have to feed him.

The fact it, I have recently realized I really stink at being grateful for the little things. And isn’t that just as important? I realize the day to day-ness of motherhood can really make a person lose sight of the big picture, but I am tired of wishing moments away because I am waiting for something better to come along. Wishing Silas would just sleep through the night, wishing the girls would be old enough to not whine all day (does that happen?), wishing we could budget a cleaning lady so I wouldn’t have to clean anymore. I think it is quite possible I am missing out on blessings as I wait for the next and better one to come along.

This is not how I want to live my life. This is certainly not how I want to spend my children’s childhoods. So I am going to try and turn the mundane into moments of thankfulness. I will let you know how it goes. I know I won’t be perfect at it because, let’s face it, life can wear you down. But I want to grow in this because honestly? Big picture gratitude is nice, but it doesn’t get you through the bad days. Big picture gratitude is what you feel when the bad times are over. And I want to be grateful in the moments that frankly, suck.

Is it possible? I am convinced it is. And I am determined to try. Do you struggle with this? How to you remember your blessings in the mundaneness of everyday life?

This post was written as part of Scribbit’s Write-Away contest. Did I mention it was judged by one of my favorite blogging friends Amanda? And that Scribbit is the person I am most looking forward to meeting at Blissdom ’10? Does sucking up get you ANY extra points whatsoever. Well, it can’t hurt to shamelessly try :)


  1. This is a wonderful post–I agree completely. Just enjoying each part is so important and some times that’s not easy.
    .-= Michelle at Scribbit´s last blog ..Apple Brie Bread with Almonds =-.

  2. I struggle…..oh girl, do I struggle.
    .-= designHer Momma´s last blog .."It’s Big" =-.

  3. I’m totally with you on this one. I have sooooooo much to be thankful for and one of the biggest is that I get to stay home with my kids- which is also my biggest source of frustration some days.

    I think that the way I try to be mindful is when I hear my kids complain about things- I try to point out the positive. It makes me realize that they will model my behavior and I need to be modeling gratitude more than I am.
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Things I Love Thursday: Boston Market =-.

  4. Molly says:

    Thank you for this post. Its so nice to know I’m not alone and such a good reminder to work on loving the little blessings that have been so mercifully given to me. I, too, feel like I am constantly waiting for the “next and better thing to come along” and I hate living like that. It is something I have felt very convicted about lately, and have been praying for contentedness and thankfulness for all the blessings I do have, instead of focusing on the things I don’t. Thank you for your honesty!

  5. When we almost lost our house last month to foreclosure, suddenly I realized how much at home I feel here, regardless of how much I complain about all the things that are wrong – drafty windows like yours, for example.

    And I realized how terribly ungrateful I have been, too, but I don’t know how to fix that when the complaints come up. Thinking of the big picture doesn’t always help.

    That doesn’t answer your question, I know, but hopefully someone else who posts here does, and I can read their answer, because I need to know too.

  6. PS I think it’s just that much harder when you have a legitimate complaint.

    How do you take your focus off the complaint?

  7. Sara Joy says:

    You know, I am so struggling with this right now too – big picture vs everyday gratitude. You aren’t alone and I am on the path to conquer this right alonside you. :)

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