Grand Aspirations


Lily came out of the womb ready to take over the world. So it did not surprise me in the least when she told me out of the blue the other night,

“Mom, I want to be President when I grow up.”

I gave her the standard answer all good parents give when their children tell them they want to be something when they grow up.

“Sweetie you can be anything you want to be.” (secretly would not wish that job on my worst enemy)

She then asks me if the President gets paid. I assure her they are. She says,

“Like 1000 dollars??!!!!”

I tell her it is a bit more than that.

“Like 2000???” she says eyes wide anticipating this windfall with her new career.

I change the subject a little.

“What made you decide that you want to be President when you grow up?”

She doesn’t miss a beat, looks me square in the eye and proclaims,

“I really want to boss everyone around.”

Hmmm……..would it be wrong of me to vote for the other guy?


  1. Oh, that is hilarious! I bet the president gets bossed around more than we think… especially by all his security people! Tell her that!

  2. Ha! That is so my firstborn too. :-)
    Kristy recently posted…Words Aptly SpokenMy Profile

  3. Ha! That’s so funny… :)
    Mariposa recently posted…Why Cloth DiapersMy Profile

  4. cindy says:

    i like it. a woman with confidence who knows what she wants. she has my vote as long as she doesn’t boss me around too much. :)

  5. That great! At least she is honest about her reasons :)
    Steph recently posted…What keeps me from being a supermomMy Profile

  6. That is great! Kids say the best things. I can’t tell you how many times my little ones have said hilarious things I think I will always remember it, but then over time it slips my mind. So great that you have it here to remember. By the way, I might just vote fore the other guy too :)
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  7. Haha! That’s so funny of her. Well, she likes to boss to us. She’s just too honest with herself. :D
    Help For Families recently posted…You Don’t Need to be Alone AnymoreMy Profile

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