Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday


Aside from having no idea what a “shawty” is, today I am going to take 50 Cent’s advice (or Fiddy Cent as his friends like to call him) and party like it’s my birthday.

That is because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday to me. Can you believe I am 29 again?

Ok so I recently confessed that I am 37. But I still feel 29 (like seriously, who let me leave the hospital with all these kids?). It can’t really be possible that I am this close to 40. When did I become such a…… grownup?

Anyway, you all KNOW what the best present is for a blogger. COMMENTS!! Especially the ones telling a blogger how awesome they are. We are a narcissistic little bunch.

Fine, that IS a bit obnoxious. How about tell me what your greatest birthday wish is. I need me some birthday ideas. Ready, set, GO!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I turned 30 this year, which was cray-cray. Cause in my mind, I’m still 22.
    Sarah @ Loved Like the Church recently posted…Celebrating the Bits and Pieces of LifeMy Profile


    You rock and I love your blog!!
    Elena recently posted…::gigglesnort::My Profile

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you get a full birthday week. :)

    Haha! That is so true about leaving the hospital. And feeling super young. Thankfully, Hubs can’t recall my age and he always makes me younger. I really snagged myself a good one there.

    Yes, you totally rock !!!!

  4. In the words of Ron Burgundy, “HEY EVERYONE! COME SEE HOW GOOD I LOOK” by which I mean, that you are the hottest 37-year-old on the planet. and oh so funny. And AGILE! Your agility is freakin’ SCARY. :) :)
    I love you, I miss your musk, and I hope you have a great b-day week. May everyone treat you as if they love you as much as you love you.
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…Kaizen, Baby! Or, what I learned at TWIN camp.My Profile

  5. Happy birthday Jill and it is pronounced “shawty”, but is spelled “shorty” in the original, just so ya know….that is your birthday tip from the most un-hip DJ you know. Hope your birthday is as rock star as you are!

  6. For your birthday, I’ll tell you about a dream I had last week that you made an appearance in. I saw you outside a hotel in West Des Moines. I whispered to my husband, “That’s Jill from Diaper Diaries.” (He knows who you are because he always asks me what I’m laughing about when I read your tweets.) Then, you recognized me (even though I have pretty much no current pictures of myself anywhere on the internet) and I was flattered out of my mind. Then, you got out a map and I gave you directions to Trader Joes. It was a magical moment, or something like that.

    Happy Birthday! PS-You looked fabulous and about 24 in my dream :) I’m pretty sure it was accurate.
    Kelsey recently posted…Total Money Makeover Update: June 2012My Profile

  7. Awww! Happy Birthday! I also turned “29” a couple of months ago – and spent the day doing only what I wanted (eating chocolate while reading and watching the tot play in the yard). My husband also bought me an ice cream cake, which I really knew was for him but didn’t care because who can be upset about ice cream cake, right?!
    I wish you a birthday full of happiness!
    Sarah recently posted…Toddler artMy Profile

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you! My greatest birthday wish – a day where my boys don’t fight, no parents have to yell and all of the coffee and chocolate are mine (with zero caloric impact). It’s the little things ;) May you have all of those things!
    ememby recently posted…Music Monday… on TuesdayMy Profile

  9. My birthday wish for you is that the OKC Thunder beat Miami tonight, and then take the Championship. Bwahahahaha! Just joshin! Sorta.
    No – fer reals – I hope your special day – and whole birthday week, for that matter – ROCKS! Virtual hugs! ;-)
    THUNDER UP!!! ;-P

    • I’m fine with that. does ANYONE like the Heat?

      • (HA! I don’t think so…and their visiting fans have been rather snotty & rude from what I’ve heard from some businesses/restaurants around town. Not cool. A little competitve funnin’ around is one thing, but out-and-out rudeness is another!)
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  10. Jennifer says:

    I get the hospital comment. My 4th baby was born 2 days after my 39th birthday. Oy! 4 kids by 30 what were we thinking. We were still babes ourselves. But it’s nice now that I’ve been mistaken for my 21 year olds date. Lol! Happy Birthday! Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s great!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Silly typo… 2 days after my 30th birthday. :)

  12. Happy Birthday to a fellow 29 year old (LOL- I’ll be 40 in 2 months). Enjoy your day because you are FABULOUS!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Jill! I came home from our dinner and started catching up on my Reader! Hate that I didn’t get to tell you in person! Great to meet you tonight!
    Amy recently posted…The Summer of 7: The Purpose of PossessionsMy Profile

  14. Happy Birthday! Um, really really late! ;) But I figure a late comment is better than no comment right? :P
    So, my birthday wish would be a trip to Australia to visit my pen pal! She was here 2 weeks ago and this is her second trip and I’ve never been down under. I know it won’t happen for awhile (read, I am not taking 4 kids under 5 on a 16 hour plane ride, like, ever!) but someday hopefully!
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