Girls’ Weekend Away in Southwest Michigan

Girls' Weekend Away

Way back in May, my husband, my brother and my dad got together and planned a wonderful getaway as a Mother’s Day present. They planned to send my mom, my sister-in-law and me away for a weekend. With no kids. And no husbands. And no dishes or laundry or alarms. It was the best present.

But for we all had busy summers already planned so we knew we wanted to wait until fall. When things supposedly would be less crazy. Although anyone who knows fall knows that it refuses to be not crazy. But we pressed on dreaming of shopping and spas and did I mention no kids?

So this past weekend we headed over to the lakeshore to a delightful bed and breakfast (seriously, check out J. Paules Fenn Inn in Fennville). We started the day up in Holland shopping and consuming lots of chocolate at Kilwin’s. We had a delicious lunch at Butch’s where it seemed wrong NOT to get a class of wine. It was a perfect, crisp fall day where a light jacket was perfect and the crazy summer crowds had faded away.

For dinner we had to check out Salt of the Earth. A big city 5 star restaurant in a town of 1300 with lines of people waiting and at least an hour wait on a Saturday night. Its reputation is well deserved and most of its ingredients are farmed locally. If you ever make your way there get the Masa Gnocchi and Fried Brussels. I only wish I had room for dessert but we were stuffed (see chocolate above). Guess I’ll have to go back.

Sunday after a delicious gluten-free french toast, we headed into Saugatuck for some spa treatments at Bella Vita Spa. Then more shopping. Then more chocolate. Oh and lunch at the famous Mermaid Bar & Grill. They had gluten-free buns which means I could eat a juicy burger. I miss them so much since going gluten-free so when I find the option on a menu I take advantage.

I actually get a lot of time with my mom. And a fair amount of time with my sister-in-law. But rarely do we get time without kids competing for attention. And super rarely is there time where we can have deep conversations. It was so refreshing and lovely and life-giving. I am incredibly blessed with an amazing mom. And my brother knocked it out of the park with his choice in wife. And we clearly need more time just the three of us. Here’s to another girls’ weekend away!!


  1. Mindy says:

    Oh my goodness, my very favorite towns in the world!!!! So glad you had a great weekend. I could talk for HOURS about Saugatuck and all the cute surrounding areas :)

  2. It was priceless! I am the most blessed mom ever! Thanking God for Jill and Beth. They are amazing women and I got precious time with them.

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