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Remember the story of the girl who came in last in the “running club”? Well that was before this:

please click over to watch the video if you can’t see it. It is so cool!!

I gotta admit, before Nike I never really paid much attention to my kid’s shoes. Like my own personal shoe collection, they were far more about fashion than function. And my girls really don’t want to wear tennis shoes under any condition so when it came to gym shoes I just went to Payless and bought whatever was cheapest.

I learned so much about feet at Nike. A learned about a ton of research that they use to develop the shoes that bear their logo. I found it interesting because I am a research nerd and it brought back all of my physical therapy days. So I could write paragraph after paragraph about how awesome their shoes are. You however might tune out around paragraph two.

BUT. But the truth is I loved my new Nike free shoes they minute I put them on, way before I knew one lick of research. They were a tennis shoe that felt like a slipper. Truly. And my tennis shoe hating girl? Well I can hardly get them to take them off (it certainly doesn’t hurt that they are hot pink).


mine are a rocking bright green

The week after Lily and I went to Portland, she laced up her new shoes and headed out for track again. I kind of drifted off as I watched them run the 2 mile because I knew Lily would be at the back of the pack, but suddenly I noticed she was smack dab in the middle of the runners, not walking way in the back. Better yet she had a huge smile on her face.

And of course so did I. I trotted over to her and said, “Look at you!!! You are running so well!! What happened?” She looked at me like the answer was the most obvious one around. “Mom, it is the shoes.”

Is it possible the shoes made a track star out of my Lily? Well who knows? But I do know the cheap shoes probably weren’t helping. And I do know that she suddenly loves to run and told me her Nike’s were the comfiest shoes she has ever had. And since I pretty much feel the same, I tend to believe she is telling the truth and it isn’t just the fact Nike lavished her with attention, fun and sugar. Although let’s be honest, that can’t hurt.


Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

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  1. I got new Nikes in March and they are fantastic – lightest running shoes ever!

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