Girl’s Night In

image  One of the coolest gifts Lily got for Christmas was a spa experiment kit. She has been super excited to try it since she got it but life has been busy and we just didn’t have the time to dedicate to such a process. So I got the brilliant idea that we would have a girl’s day. We could make some spa treatments, pop some popcorn and snuggle up to watch “Sound of Music” which I had taped over the holidays. As crazy as I am about musicals, my girls had never seen it, but since they knew I had taped it, they had been begging me to watch it. So the plan was hatched.

We settle on an egg yolk/honey mask. Mainly because I have the ingredients. So we measure and pour and mix and get ready to apply our facial. And the girls are super excited until I explain they have to put their hands in the concoction and rub it on their face. The not so much enthusiasm. Their father tries to explain that women pay a lot of money to get these treatments, but they aren’t buying it. I put it on my face to show them how easy it is, but still….not biting. I finally just put it on them while they squealed about how gross it was.

Then I told them it needed to sit on their faces for 15 minutes. I was immediately greeted with choruses of “Yuck!!! Take it off!!!!!!” Just like in the spa. They lasted 8 minutes with major distractions. So we washed it off and moisturized and settled in for our movie. Sans popcorn because mom forgot to make sure we had some. So instead we had squeezy yogurt and string cheese. Just like in the theaters.

For the record, they loved “Sound of Music”. Some of it was a bit hard to understand. I mean how do you explain Nazi Germany to a four year old. But it delights me to no end that I have caught Hannah singing “Doe a Deer…..” along with some bizarre made up lyrics several times. Next up, Oklahoma. We won’t stop until we hit all the Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. Perhaps next time without the facials. Next time, mommy is going out for her facial.


  1. When is the R&H Cinderella showing? That’s one of my favorites.

    Not sure I could have gotten my 6yo to take the facial stuff off. She’s all about gross (older brothers do that to you I guess).
    Sarah’s Deals recently posted…RecipeRoundtable- Orange Cream ShakeMy Profile

  2. You are more patient than me for even trying.
    nicole recently posted…Motherhood is a Funny ThingMy Profile

  3. Not sure I’d have been as brave to do a facial with my girls {even if they were old enough}. But a fun time all the same! And good for you to introduce the musicals so soon. I loved watching them with my mom when I was little and can’t wait till my girls are old enough to sit through them.
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  4. Too funny! And with boys I doubt I will ever have this experience (I won’t, since I refuse to watch SoM ever after playing in the pit orchestra for it twice!). But I’m sure I’ll get my own experiences… perhaps a mud facial instead? :)

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