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I menu plan every week. And I do most of the cooking. But something happens in the summer and everything breaks down. I get lazy in my menu planning. I get even lazier with the cooking. I could blame the heat or the lack of routine. Or it could just be that I am super lazy and just hide it better during the rest of the year. Actually I am not sure I ever really hide the lazy.

Let’s go back in time a bit. When I was first married, pre menu planning, I used to drive my hubby nuts calling him at like 4:45 and asking him to pick up the 3 things I needed for the recipe I had found at 4:43 and decided to make for dinner tonight. He was DELIGHTED to spend the end of his day in the grocery store. Delighted.

So we don’t want to remind him of those days during my lazy days of summer. Partly because I have him fooled that I am a superstar wife. Partly because I have a Groupon expiring this week for a facial and the only time they can get me in is right at the kid’s bedtime. And we all know how delightful putting the kids can be. It ranks JUST under going to the grocery at the end of the work day.

So my summer trick is this. At 4:15 when you realize you haven’t planned dinner grab some sort of meat out of the freezer. Anything will do. Grab some sort of veggie from the crisper. Then when the hubby comes home from work you say, “Babe!!! You get to grill tonight!!!”

Men LOVE to grill right? I mean WAY more than the grocery store and bedtime. It is like a REWARD to come home and grill. There is fire and meat and…..well I would do it just to get outside and escape the children for a minute.

So let’s recap. I don’t have to cook. Hubby gets to play with fire. I get to get a facial post dinner. In the words of an amazingly wise philosopher, “I’m Winning!!”

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This is the first in a series of four sponsored post for Hillshire Farms. I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign but as always all opinions and stories are all mine

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