Gardener Extraordinaire

Perhaps you have heard me mention a time or two about my black thumb. Well, in case you need visual proof…..

carrots   Clearly I should not be allowed to garden. And if you are a plant of any kind, you should be scared……VERY scared.


  1. wow. WOW. that’s, um….

    I don’t… I can’t…

    I have no words. :)

  2. Yeah, that is way better than I could accomplish. My strawberry plant is shriveled and dead, still in the original container, it never even made it in the ground!
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..How do you find yourself? =-.

  3. I’m sorry, but that’s just too funny! I can laugh with you though because I grew some carrots like that 2 years ago. What’s even funnier is that they looked like that after being in the ground for a whole year! They made it through the winter and everything… just never grew!!!
    .-= Courtney ´s last blog ..Just a blog post… =-.

  4. impressive. ;-)
    .-= girlymama´s last blog ..bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils… =-.

  5. They’re just ‘baby’ carrots, right? hee hee… Hey, at least you tried!
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..Such a Sweet Shower =-.

  6. Don’t “baby carrots” sell for big change at upscale grocery stores? I think you may have 35 cents right there. Cha-CHING!
    .-= Smockity Frocks´s last blog ..Recent Headlines =-.

  7. this makes me giggle. Better stick to growing babies, you do that beautifully.
    .-= DesignHER Momma´s last blog ..An Unexpexcted Road Trip =-.

  8. that is exactly what our carrots looked like last year! thank goodness for local farmer’s markets…

  9. Well, at least they LOOK like carrots! I couldn’t even get mine to grow THAT far!
    .-= Colleen – Mommy Always Wins´s last blog ..Product endorsement FAIL. =-.

  10. lolol! They’re exactly how mine looked – and I was so excited by how much greenery they produced ;)

  11. That’s what I expect carrots to look like if I ever attempt to grow them.
    .-= Twisted Cinderella´s last blog ..woohoo Second Place!!! =-.

  12. Seriously, I am speechless. Totally speechless. Are those baby carrots? I hope….
    You know carrots are sold in the produce section if you are hungry after you eat your home grown ones. :)
    .-= The Happy Housewife´s last blog ..Picky Eaters ~ Part 2, What is a Picky Eater? =-.

  13. I have a black thumb too! But they should still be edible and good for you for trying! I don’t even try shame on me!
    .-= Brandie´s last blog ..Blog Award! =-.

  14. WOW! how did you get them to grow like that?!? I need lessons cause I have never got past a sprout in the few times I have tried(if it even got that far). Next year! Next year is the year for my garden success. I can feel it.
    .-= char´s last blog ..I am now ready to be the keeper of my home =-.

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