Fun with Recalls

aqua-dots.jpg In case you have been living in a cave, Aqua Dots have been recalled. Choking hazard-nope, lead- not this time, date rape drug- BINGO. Could anything be more disturbing?

So, we have these. They were one of Lily’s favorite toys from her birthday. She loved playing with them and I know for a fact that there were many little dots on our floor for a few weeks after well within Hannah’s reach. It is by the grace of God she didn’t ingest any.

I have spent the past few days trying to get a hold of the manufacturer to figure out what to do. Today after being on hold for a good 15 minutes I reached a live person who I am 90% sure was speaking to me from India. She informed that the company had rushed to produce a “safe” and “non-toxic” version of Aqua Dots that has been coated with something that tastes really bitter so the child will immediately spit it out. Then she assured my again that it was non-toxic. If it is so non-toxic why does it need the bitter thing???

So would I like some new “non-toxic” Aqua Dots or a replacement toy of a different nature?

Um, let’s see…

My children will be receiving twigs and leaves from the backyard this year for Christmas. I may even through in some strange looking berries which will probably be safer if ingested than anything on the shelves of Toys R Us.


  1. My sentiments exactly! I’m actually beginning to wonder if the toy manufacturers are not terrorists! Seriously! Now, here I go with Hubby’s conspiracy theories again!

  2. I’m thinking I’m going to have to start now to sew every toy our kid will want. Lightbright? Dollhouse? Let me just whip that up. I may incorporate the twigs as well.

  3. I totally question them now in the fact that they added a bitter taste even if it’s non-toxic. Play dough doesn’t have a bitter taste (not that I’ve ever eaten it, but my dog has)….and it’s still non-toxic.

  4. Let me offer a different take on this… and an apology if I sound preachy because believe me I am in the same boat as everyone else. If we can’t give our kids toys they want for Christmas, maybe there is an opportunity to teach them about what it is really all about?
    I wrote a recall-free Christmas list on my blog, and as I wrote I realized that they were all ‘experience’ based suggestions. While I don’t think those are the most fun for kids to open (Oh boy! A Zoo Membership Card! THANKS MOM!) but over time, those end up being the most memorable.

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