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Bedtime is one of my favorite times of the day. Some days, lets be honest, it is because I am having one of those “how much longer until I can put this stinking kids to bed” kind of days. But most days it is because those night moments are the moments I learn the most about my kids. I get the most insight into their thoughts, their hearts, their worlds.

We do prayers, we do snuggles, we do lots of giggling. We do high points about the day. We do low points about the day. We have deep heart to hearts, we have made up silly games. And then we do homework.

this is the point in the post where the record scratches and the room gets silent……

Homework? For a bedtime routine. Ok, not homework per se. But a fun little way to bake one more learning opportunity in before sleep without your children suspecting a thing.

With Hannah I scratch a few letters on her back. Now that she is working on small case letters at school we have switched to those. We often do words so she can tackle a little spelling.

Lily has blown through letters and spelling and we are on to multiplication. After that I will be hiring a bedtime routine tutor……

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  1. We still share our bed with our 3 year old and most nights I am so sick of it! But you are right. There is this lovely closeness that we all share because of it. It is comforting. But one day, I am going to be happy to have my bed back, and sad that she is growing up :) Funny, huh?
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  2. HOW FUN!!
    doing it tonight!
    thanks for inspiration!

  3. This is a super idea. You sound like a fun mommy! :)
    I would love it if you’d link this up over at my blog carnival Family Time Tuesday.

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