Frugal Fridays- Share (like your mommy taught you)

frugalfridays.jpg My frugal tip this week helps keep the bill down when dining out. Have you noticed that portion sizes are getting out of control at restaurants? I think you could feed a small country with some of the dishes these days. However, they are often the perfect size for sharing. Often time restaurants will even split it for you onto two separate plates.

To be honest, the hubby and I don’t often like the same dish so this doesn’t always work for us. Plus he has a nut allergy and I tend to like my food nut laden. Still when the food is ala carte, we often split a salad (with the yummy nuts on the side). Of course, even if you don’t want to share your meal, it is always thrifty to ask for the doggie bag and have leftovers for tomorrow.

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  1. I hate the kid’s menus and so we often will get an adult sized dinner and split it between the kids.

  2. We’ve found many times we can do things like at Ruby Tuesdays where we share a veggie burger and both get the salad bar. It’s the perfect portion of veggie burger & then we fill up mostly on salad. The doggy bag is also great, especially if you go out on a Friday night….then you have left overs for lunch on the weekends!

  3. We are splitters too! Usually my husband orders his own meal and I get something to split with the 2 kids. If I order an extra side salad for myself, then it’s usually more than enough food and it does keep the cost down.

    The other thing we do is we always order water to drink. That can save 5-8 bucks right off the bat. They charge 2.00 for a glass of tea. That’s just crazy!!!

    Good tip.

  4. I am starting to experiment with ordering something small like soup or salad and then cleanup the kids’ plates since they never eat all theirs.

  5. We don’t go out for dinner, ever.
    But we did before we had kids.
    It was a time with too much food too.
    With a group we went to restaurant owners and pointed out it was more economical for them to put on the menu that all dishes can be little, medium and large, or that people can order vegetables and such as much again as they want.

    Many restaurants changed their ways.

  6. I agree, I don’t like the kid menus becuase it seems they always have the same things everywhere you go. So I like your idea of getting a regular meal and share. Everything will be beter if shared.

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