Frugal Fridays- Selling Books

frugalfridays.jpg So everyone knows you can sell anything on Ebay and buy books on Amazon, but did you know that Amazon is a great place to sell books. It is incredibly easy and a great way to make a little cash from the overstocked bookshelves in your home (or is that just my home?).

If you go to Amazon and type in the title of your book, there is a place on the right side of the page where you can click “Sell Your Books Here.” You simply put in the condition of your book and how much you want for it, and wait for a buyer. Obviously the lower price you list your book at, the better chance it has of selling. Amazon factors shipping into what they pay you and takes a small cut. You are then responsible for mailing the book out to the buyer within a certain window of time. My philosophy is, it never hurts to see what the going rate is so give any old book you want to get rid of a try.

This works well for old text books, obscure books, out of print books, etc. This does not work well for really popular books such as Oprah or Today show book club recommendations because everyone and their dog is trying to sell the same book and listing them at a penny. However, your bonus tip for the day (at no extra charge) is that if you are looking for those kinds of books, look for used ones on Amazon.

So I think it is a win-win. You clean off your cluttered book shelves of books you will never look at again and you can make a little money in the process. Happy selling!


  1. Great tip! I’ve also just started selling a few books on half.com. which is basically the same thing.

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