Frugal Fridays- Don't Be A Diaper Snob

 I used to be a diaper snob. I completely bought into the whole marketing machine and believed that if I didn’t put my kids in the big name brands I was a bad mommy. And who needs another reason to feel like a bad mommy? So I got the big ones and slept easy knowing my kiddos heinie was covered in diaper gold.

Then one day I tried Luvs. Then Kirkland. Suddenly I was buying whatever was on sale and I had a coupon for. The mommy guilt went away. And I realized that I didn’t have to take out another mortgage to diaper my child.

Now, I know some of you lovely people use cloth diapers and will try and sell me on the frugalness that is the cloth diaper lifestyle. To you I say, have we met? Cause I am crazy lazy and hate laundry. And don’t change my kids all that often so I need something that absorbs. And I feel guilty about the polluting the earth thing. I seriously do. Isn’t the guilt enough?

Here are some other random thoughts on the subject:

  • When I have newborns, I buy the good stuff. Cause they are new and I all caught up in the newness. And they have EXPLOSIVE POOPS. And I just find that the premium ones hold in that poop better. Although not perfect cause those new babies got some force behind their poop. Seriously, it is insane.
  • Depending on how old your kid is you might need to go back to premium at night. We have had some serious night leakage lately from the cheapos. Which results in early morning wake ups. Which is no good (for the hubby, not so bad for me).
  • Make sure you are checking the price per diaper when comparing prices. Not all packages have the same numbers in them.
  • As always combine sales, store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons for the best deal.

It is so crazy late right now. Must stop watching politics and staying up until the late, late hours of the night. I need my beauty sleep. So sorry if posts as of late have been incoherent drivel. As opposed to the usual….

For more frugal tips, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


  1. I totally agree. I tried Kirkland when my daughter was newborn and promptly returned them to Costco because they leaked… but that was newborn. I might try them again because Safeway just stopped selling my favourite cheap diapers (for which I had figured out their sale schedule!) And your random thoughts on the subject are really good. If you’re going to use the expensive ones, just use them at those “leaky” times.
    When my son was born, his legs were so skinny for the first week that no diaper would seal around those little legs. We had a lot of leaky diapers that first week!

    Peanuts last blog post..Daddy Daddy

  2. I recently switched to cloth (yea, he’s 2 – whatever) but definitely found that premos are the way to go for the newest of babies and for nighttimes. And although I do have cloth, I still use disposable when it makes it more convenient. Sometimes the cost is just worth it! :-) I always forget to check the price per diaper though.

    Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Ups last blog post..Are cleaners disrupting your hormones?

  3. The cheapies always make my little guy stink. I mean, you can smell that he’s peed from a mile away. Me being lazy as well, and not wanting to change a diaper every 2 hours….I spend the $ and buy the gold, and of course, it’s the only way to go for the newbies. We have #2 due in a matter of weeks, and it’ll be Swaddlers for us……

    Katis last blog post..Sarah Palin

  4. I tried cloth..I really did and I don’t mind the laundry! I don’t like the rashes they can get from the cloth. Yes, I changed often and yes I used the good kind and yes I use a protective gel of some sorts. I have a boy and I feel that I can not risk such matters. We use cheapos during the day and gold at night. My little guy can pee out with the best of them!!! I did find that buying my at Sam’s was much cheaper! I think it came to 17c a diaper. Which is not bad for premo! Plus, my guys torso is longer than most so I find that the cruisers work best for all night care. =0)

    the characters last blog post..Merci, Danke, Toda, Grazie tanto, Gracias, OR THANKS

  5. I used to be a diaper snob as well. Although now I find myself preferring the Kirkland brand diapers. I’ve never used them on a newborn, though. Now I just buy whatever is cheapest.

  6. I will try whatever I can get for almost-free. Right now we have Walgreens brand (fine), Huggies AND Pampers stockpiled at my house! I like CVS brand too.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..My Weaner Has a First Name

  7. 29 1/2 yrs ago I did the cloth diapers and only used the other diapers for when we went out … then learned that the diaper service was actually affordable and so much better than my doing all that laundry! Having used both I must say I would highly recommend a diaper service to anyone who really wants to use cloth diapers. The picked up the soiled clothes & brought me fresh clean sanitized ones in their place. They provided the hamper & the deodorant for the hamper. When the children were ready for training pants we got those from the diaper service too.
    Having said all that … everyone should use what works best for their child. Cloth or disposable ~ we used both!
    The best part of using the cloth diapers was the toilet training was easier. Our youngest was so happy & content in cloth diapers that when it was no longer the best for our budget price wise we stopped the diaper service & switched to disposable ones & he hated the change & basically toilet trained himself … at 18 months of age both day & night time! If he couldn’t have his cloth diapers then he wanted real underwear.
    Of course he had older siblings to watch & learn from that helped too.

    Annes last blog post..Packed & ready to go!

  8. I was the exact same way with kiddo number one. I wish I had known all of these little tips before I had my first child, but at least I wised up before my second one came along!

    Teresas last blog post..Blowing Bubbles

  9. I don’t even want to THINK about all the money we wasted before I discovered the Target brand diapers!

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..She CAN be taught!

  10. The only time I ever buy brand name diapers is if I have Target and manufacturer coupons and they’re on sale on top of that. That’s usually the only way they can compete with generic diapers prices. My kids don’t have sensitive skin or anything like that so we normally get Target brand. Having at least one kid in diapers for the last 5 years- generic has saved us a ton of money.

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..We just may have a genius on our hands

  11. I am so with you on the cheapie diapers. I have got such a good stockpile now that I’m committed to potty training my two y.o. before they run out. ‘Cause I can’t pay retail.

    Also, I just found your blog, and I love your style!

    Beckys last blog post..A Delightful Potpourri

  12. Not sure about the cheapies…I will remain a diaper snob if #3 carries on the boy trend. They just seem to shoot a different way and the only ones to stop the leaks were the ones that put us in debt. I also don’t like to change diapers every hour, so I have to go with the ones that held the most in the past. Think it’s a boy vs. girl thing?

    Krystys last blog post..What would you do?

  13. I have to admit, with my first, I started out as a diaper snob, but when she consistantly peed through the expensive brands, I switched to the walmart brand (white cloud)and have never looked back. She hasn’t peed through, and she potty trianed early…I’m happy about it.

    Amandas last blog post..Hookah Lounge

  14. I sort of agree. With six kids I have tried every diaper ever made including cloth…. For some kids I could have wrapped them in a paper towel and it would have been fine, other kids leaked and exploded through everything but the most expensive brand. I do think there is a difference in some of the diapers. The Target brand is terrible IMO. I ended up doing so much laundry I am not sure I saved a penny. Pampers swadlers are my favorite for the tiny babies and then I usually switch to Luvs. There is nothing worse than being at church or out shopping and have a generic brand leak all over me! I have had that happen too many times, so now I stick with what works for us. But if the Kirkland brand works great for your family, go for it! There is no reason to spend your kid’s college fund on diapers :)

    The Happy Housewifes last blog post..Around the World in Eighty Days

  15. actually, I have found that by using huggies, for which there are abundant coupons out there, and sticking to the regular instead of premium (supreme) kind, and by taking the time to shop the circulars to see who has the best deals each week (then stocking up), and getting a $1 rebate for every pack from Caregiver’s Marketplace…. that it’s just as cheap as generics. with fewer leaks. which makes me happy.

    but (obviously) I support your idea to go as cheap as possible on the butt-swaddling. and I also avoid the cloth ones. Our governer asked us to last year, because of the drought. So that’s the save-the-earth party line I’m going with!

    Erin Gs last blog post..Vacation, Day Seven: Chinatown and the Village

  16. 'Becca says:

    From my experience with cloth diapers, I learned that the secret to avoiding blowouts and night leakage is not the diaper but the DIAPER COVER. You can use them over disposables too, and it sounds like you need them!! For only about $6 you can get 2 Dappi nylon pull-on covers. (When I was buying them, katieskisses.com had the best price.) They’re extremely easy to wash either in the machine or by hand. Click on my name to read more about how wonderful they are.

    ‘Beccas last blog post..Canned Fish Concepts

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