Frugal Fridays- Cut it in half

frugalfridays.jpg A quick frugal tip to help you save an automatic 50%- cut things in half. I thought of this post when thinking about dryer sheets. I always cut them in half before throwing them in the dryer. You really don’t need a full sheet to do it’s job. If you want to be really frugal, use them a few times before pitching them.

Then, I began to think of other things we cut in half to conserve on. The big one is paper towels. You really should cut back on the use of these anyway for environmental impact. If you do continue to use them, cut them in half and you can usually still get the job done with half as much waste.

Also, try using a half portion of things you use often. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc. Most things are just as effective when you use half as much. We just get in habits of pouring out a huge quantities of something and need to stop and think about how much we are using. I have really started to keep an eye on my shampoo and conditioner usage and I am amazed at how much longer it is lasting.

Really, the ideas are endless if you just think about how much you really need of things. What things do you cut in half or use less of to save a little money?

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Have you taken the challenge yet?


  1. lifeafterbaby says:

    I pare down my portion at mealtime (helps weigh loss as well), dishwasher detergent–only fill the main cup, not the extra little one, I water down all or our hand soaps and juices to stretch them a little further, 1/2 sticks of gum, butterfly chicken breasts, and my biggest saving is to cut Dan’s credit card in half–hah!

  2. bloginmyeye says:

    I love those “choose-a-size” paper towels. They last me so much longer.

  3. since committing to organic, i make big pitchers of juice from the small bottles they come in. THEN, i pour some back in the smaller bottle for the kids to use. it honestly tastes about the same and they don’t know the difference!

  4. Great ideas!!! I do use the whole dryer sheet, but most of the time use it twice. I buy a HUGE box at Costco’s for next to nothing and they last me forever. But, I have say I don’t cut as much as LAB does. I never thought to water down handsoap or only chew 1/2 a stick of gum. Interesting.

  5. Not sure if it’s frugal or not, but if you’re in a hurry and accidentally forget to put baking powder in blueberry muffins, you’ll get 1/2 muffins.. :)

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