Frugal Friday- You Tell Me

frugalfriday I don’t know. I got nothing this week. And I am tired and had a glass of wine which has given me a tiny wine buzz. One glass of wine. So sad. So how bout you give ME a frugal tip. And maybe I will blatantly rip you off in a future Frugal Friday post. No, I kid, I wouldn’t do that, but I would love to hear what your family does to be frugal. I am always looking for new ways to cut costs. So this is my lazy way of still posting, but not using my brain. I know my wonderful readers will forgive me.

For REAL frugal tips, head over to Life As Mom.


  1. Don’t feel bad – I get a buzz and a headache the next morning from one Smirnoff Ice. =P

    I got nothing, either, except maybe this: run your errands during Sonic Happy Hour so that when your kids inevitably get thirsty/cranky between stops you can get a drink for half off. There ya go. That’s my kind of frugal tip. ;)

  2. I have that disease where I see something out on the market and am convinced I can make my own for cheaper. Sometimes this works out well ( http://raising-arrows.blogspot.com/2009/04/babylegs-for-cheapskate.html ) and sometimes not (as in I spend more money trying to make said thing than if I had just bought the silly thing in the first place!)

    Amy @ Raising Arrows
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Children & Chores =-.

  3. I’m proposing a used book exchange for my extended family gathering. We actually haven’t given gifts at all for the past 2 years but I thought this might be a neat way to do something and get to know each other better. you can read more about it at my blog.

    I love your blog name by the way!

  4. Don’t have much for you either, but I sure wish I had a glass of wine. Oh, wait my tip is to always drink with a friend so you don’t waste your wine. :0)

  5. My frugal tip is the most basic of all, but no one (including me) ever follows it. Just don’t buy stuff. “You have food at home don’t go out to eat. You don’t need another shirt or *gasp* pair of shoes. And the kids definitely don’t need anymore toys.” One day maybe I’ll follow my own advice :-)

  6. Theresa says:

    We don’t drink. That saves a small fortune!! :) I think that my biggest money saver is to shop all by my lonesome. I dread having to send DH to the store, I get serious anxiety attacks. He has gotten so much more frugal, but still :)

  7. Theresa! I agree wholeheartedly!! Lol I got nothing this week either… Glad I’m not alone! ha ha

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