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frugal-friday-2-736462  It is that time again. Time to get your stuff in order and pay the man. Or, hopefully, get the man to pay you. But to do that you need to get organized and figure out the tax code. And that thing ain’t so easy.

For the last several years, we have used Turbo Tax to prepare our taxes. We used to use an accountant, but after a few years, I decided that I could do that too. And for a whole lot less money. So I gave it a shot and guess what? It is crazy easy. Turbo Tax walks you through everything in simple steps. The hardest part you have to do is get organized. Which for some might be easier than others.

So my advice to you is to get a file folder and stash away everything throughout the year that is tax related. Charitable giving receipts, medical bills, clothes that you are trying to write off because you occasionally (rarely) write for Blissfully Domestic’sfashion channel. Of course I would NEVER advocate trying to pull a fast one of the government. At least not out on the internet where the IRS could find it.

Turbo Tax’s basic program costs $29.95 which includes a free e-file. The program which actually take you through a ton of possible deductions so that you can maximize how much you get back from the government. It also alerts you to possible red flags that might trigger an audit (like announcing you are making up deductions on your public blog). But my favorite parts is that there is live support to help you with any questions. Last year our refund was direct deposited in our account by mid-February. It is seriously so easy!! If you want to get the most bang for your buck, I suggest you check out Turbo Tax this year.


  1. I saw something on TV about how they have a new Online service that you can use that’s Free, not sure if that’s true or not but might be worth looking into!

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  2. We use Turbotax too…and I’m a former CPA. It Rocks! We do the on-line version. I can also go update when we have changes to our income/new deductions- surprise kid #3 in 2008/etc.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

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  3. Krista says:

    I am a CPA and I use it for my personal taxes, as do several of my colleagues. I could do mine by hand, but I want to e-file and turbo tax is one of easiest ways to do that. There is a free version online, if you qualify. Also my credit union offers members a 15% discount for the paid-for versions online. State Farm Insurance clients also got a discount in the past. So check those kind of options out.

    (We can’t e-file through the firm I work for, because we have to keep our salaries confidential from other employees.)

  4. We also use the FREE online tool called “It’s Deductible.” I highlighted it with screen shots back in July 2008 and your post has prompted me to highlight it again today.

    It’s for charitable giving. Using eBay pricing, it helps you value all the items you’ve donated. Check out my post if you’re interested. Or check out the actual site at http://www.itsdeductible.com

    I used to value my items much lower before using this!

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  5. we love turbo tax. we have been using it for years and it makes life so simple.

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  6. yeah, about that writing for the fashion channel…

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  7. nicolerenae says:

    I really like Turbo Tax, too. It’s very easy to use and understand. There are a lot of similar programs, and if you go to the IRS website, you can find different programs that you can use for free, depending on different eligibility requirements (age, income, state, etc). You can also use them to file your state return, but there is usually a fee for that.


  8. bejewell says:

    We don’t need Turbo Tax. Yet. We have Uncle Bob.

    Uncle Bob is about 85 but still sharp, a retired CPA, who does our taxes every year for free.

    But Uncle Bob is OLD. Very old.

    We may need Turbo Tax soon.

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  9. We have loved Turbo Tax for years. It is an awesome program and makes life MUCH easier.

    Great post. See you at Blissdom!

  10. we couldn’t live without our turbotax…

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  11. Turbo Tax totally rocks!! I’ve been going it myself for a few years now and have gotten my little sister into it now …

    Great post! and Awesome item …

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  12. Shannon H says:

    Absolutely, Turbo Tax is a must once you’ve graduated from the standard deduction. Love it!!!

  13. I am WAY behind on blogging, so this point may be moot. Plus, I doubt many will see it, so feel free to post it as an update or something. Anyway, if you have a STATE FARM BANK product (loan, financing, etc.), you can do your taxes through Turbo Tax for FREE! All you have to do is set up an online account with SF and then call and have them add that particular account to your online account. Once you do that, it will automatically give you a link to use Turbo Tax for free. I’ve already filed mine and received my state refund! YAHOO for Turbo Tax!!! :) Hope this helps someone!

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