Frugal Friday- TJMaxx and Marshalls

frugal-friday-2-736462  I am one of those obnoxious people. Well to anyone who knows me, this is no surprise. But let me clarify a moment. I am one of those obnoxious people who when you tell you like something about their outfit immediately tells you where they got it and how much it is. And not in a “oh my goodness look at my designer shirt I paid $450 for”, but in a “oh my goodness look at my designer shirt I just got for TWENTY BUCKS.” That is about the moment my husband ducks his head in embarrassment.

I love a bargain. And I love to shop. Which is why me and TJMaxx/Marshalls go together like peas and carrots. I love a store where I can get high end clothes and home products at half the price of a regular department stores. Plus I don’t like the feeling I get in most department stores. That feeling that I don’t belong there or at least my wallet doesn’t belong there. I swear to you if I won the lottery tomorrow I just don’t understand paying those prices for clothes. Not when I can have twice as many from a discount store.

Part of the reason I like TJMaxx and Marshalls so much is that they have a good variety of merchandise. I love the clothes and shoes of course. Oh, and the purses. I LOVE getting purses there. But I also get a lot of toys there, especially for gifts. And you truly can find the greatest little gems in their home department. I got all the bedding for Lily’s room at TJMaxx and I love the Christmas decor I found at Marshalls this year.

And here is the best part. I love Target as much as the next guy. Seriously I love me some Target. But a lot of times you get what you pay for. At TJMaxx and Marshalls you can find designer merchandise so the quality is much better. Which totally gives you more street cred when you play the whole “guess how much I paid for this Ralph Lauren towel?” game. I must tell you I just wrote that and am totally giggling trying to think of a scenario where you would be discussing the price of your Ralph Lauren towels in everyday conversation. It’s not like you break out the bath towels at a dinner party. But maybe if it was that much of a steal, you just might.

If you are looking to make your holiday budget stretch a little bit further, I would seriously check these stores out. They are both constantly updating their merchandise and you can seriously get tons of shopping done in one store. And since the deals are so good, throw a little something in the cart to you from Santa. Preferably a purse.


  1. I am the same way. I wish that I could just take a compliment and leave it at that. I don’t know what I have to share the wealth everytime and let everyone know where I get everything. By the way I really liked your JOY shirt the other day at MOPS, I meant to tell you that day.

  2. someone @ my wedding got us fleece sheets from TJ Maxx. i feel so rich sleeping on them!!

    Brookes last blog post..Things I love Thursday – my stove

  3. We are supposed to be getting on right down the street. Not sure if TJ or Marshalls.
    Maybe it will make you come visit us more!!!

  4. I am the SAME WAY! I’m sure there are so many people who hate it, but my mom, sister and I all love to play this game together.

    Katies last blog post..Silent Night…

  5. i love me some tjmaxx and marshalls (and target.) my sister is the true queen of shopping for clothes and housewares there–she and her home are amazingly stylish, and she looks like she spent a million bucks.

    i was pleased to learn that tj maxx is finally offering gift receipts!

    i can’t bring myself to buy anything in a department store unless it’s on absolute clearance. i need the deal:)

    suzannahs last blog post..crafty christmas

  6. Oh I love me a good discount store too! Never pay full price. A motto that will serve you well.

    debbies last blog post..Tracking down ex-husbands for friends, pawn shops, and dogs

  7. ooooh, purses! ME TOO! I am not even that girly but I LOVE BAGS. I need a new one every season. My husband does not understand this.

    I try to pacify him by reminding him that least I buy my purses at TJM, or Kohl’s or Target or whatever… and that I only spend like $6 per year on makeup (one tube of mascara and a jumbo pack of chapstick, since you asked), which is way less than most wives. really he should count his blessings. and buy me a new purse. :)

    Erin Gs last blog post..First Steps!

  8. I love TJ Maxx too! But up until a couple of years ago, I thought Marshall’s was a grocery store. :-0 I’ve been in there once or twice, but there’s not one really convenient to where I shop. I love Ross too… not sure if they have those near you, but I’ve found some sweet deals there!

    bees last blog post..What I Did Until 11PM Last Night

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