Frugal Friday- The List Caddy (and a giveaway!!)

  First I am just going to go off topic for a minute and say that the brilliant people at our local Fox affiliate decided to show a pre-season NFL football game instead of the #1 rated show on TV’s results show so I am up at a stupid hour of the night to find out who won So You Think You Can Dance. I also possibly put in a very rambley and angry call to the people at Fox which I am sure they will all have a good laugh over tomorrow. I am super classy when I am ranting.

Now for a frugal tip. This isn’t so much a tip as a tool to make your frugalness easier. Cause I might have mentioned I am quite lazy. So the frugal…it’s gotta be easy. Lesson #1, cut coupons. I promise I will tell you all about the organization next week (I am a coupon organizing tease!!). But you got the coupons, you got the list and you are heading to the store.

Then you gotta balance the kids in the cart, the purse, the groceries, the list, the coupons…it’s enough to make you grab a bag of oreos off the shelf and rip them open right in the aisle!! The worst is when you get through check out and you realize you forgot a few coupons that made their way to the bottom of your purse. What you really need is an assistant and a few extra arms.

Enter the List Caddy. It’s a handy little clip that goes right on the shopping cart and holds your list, your coupons and even a pen to cross things off (or add those oreos and a bottle of wine to the list). It fits right in your purse and when you aren’t at the store it is magnetic and can go right on the fridge. The other reason it is so frugal? You can use it for a whole host of other things. My personal favorite is the recipe holder in case you are wondering.

You know what is the most frugal thing about these little babies? Two of you can get one for free!! Oh yeah, there is nothing more frugal than free. So head over to their website and tell me what color you would get if you won. You don’t need a blog, just a valid email address that I can contact you at if you win. That’s it and random number generator will do the rest. This contest runs until Saturday August 16 at midnight. Or however late I choose to stay up. Good luck!!

*this contest is closed. Congrats to Devon and Karen.


  1. I think I would get the lime green one to make sure it was visible amongst the stuff in my bag. It wouldn’t do much good if it was buried at the bottom of my purse. LOL! Thanks for the giveaway. I like their idea scrapbook, it has a lot of good ideas for using it.

    Mrs. Bubbas last blog post..Introducing the luckiest woman in the world

  2. That is exactly what I need! The purple one is calling to me. I can’t take my eyes off it for some reason.

    Peanuts last blog post..10 Things I’ve learned from my child

  3. Oh, this is an amazing invention! I am a green kind of girl, I love the green one!

  4. definitely green. this would be so handy today, when i have to take all three of the boys shopping with me, since we’re just back from vacation. thanks for the giveaway!

  5. sign me up for purple yo!

  6. Lauren says:

    I’m all about purple…it’s a really adorable little gadget thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Definitely the red one. Stands out and red is a bit of a wild color.

  8. Brittany says:

    I think the pink. My girls would love it.

    Brittanys last blog post..Psalms 139

  9. a BRIGHT RED makes it easier to find in the chaos of my home, van, or purse! LOL

  10. I always end up in the grocery needing a third, and possibly fourth, hand…sorting through my coupons, scratching things off my list, trying to find the stupid customer loyalty card (aka Big Brother Knows I Buy Oreos Card).

    I’d go for purple to coordinate with my coupon pouch. Great giveaway idea, thanks for the chance to win!

    Beths last blog post..Okay, okay, I can take a hint!

  11. I could use one of these babies! White goes with anything…so hook a girl up :)

  12. I’d like the blue. Maybe this would help me remember my coupons!

  13. Pink please!

  14. oooh! that IS handy! I think I like purple. or maybe blue so my husband can use it too. noo… green. yes, green.

    I am IRATE with fox on your behalf!

    Erin Gs last blog post..Summon the Heroes

  15. I like the pink! This is an awesome idea!

    Tracyes last blog post..Another birthday cake (minus the pictures!)

  16. I love purple but, I would have to say I would choose pink. What a great gadget! This is exactly what I need! Kudos to you for the fun giveaway!

  17. Rachel says:

    Um, yes, I want this in hot pink!

    Unfortunately I can’t share in your anger over football game last night. My SAINTS. FINALLY. WON. A. GAME. (Please don’t remind me that this was only pre-season; let me live in the glory for a few minutes).

    Uh, this comment won’t disqualify me from winning, will it? Is Random Number Generator partial to SYTYCD?

    Rachels last blog post..We’re Bringing Classy Back

  18. Such a simple but great idea. I could sure use one! I love the purple….and the lime green..its just so fun! Thanks!

    Katis last blog post..Thursday-Day Six-Cruise Vacation

  19. I’d like the purple one. Thanks!

    Jerris last blog post..God Bless Youth Workers!

  20. I would LOVE the red one! I may have to buy one anyway! Looks like a great idea!!!

    Brianas last blog post..Freebie Friday 8/8

  21. Courtney says:

    Pick me, Pick me! Wouldn’t this be a great way to encourage me to be frugal? I like either the purple or pink. :-)

  22. i would get pink, but i gotta tell you, i just cut a ton of coupons last week, shoved them in my purse, went to aldi’s first and got most of the stuff that i had coupons for there. it seems so much easier. maybe i just need to here about your process but i’m telling you i try and i hardly ever use them. maybe if i had the caddy :-)

    karens last blog post..Fabulous Finds Friday

  23. With four children tagging along, grocery shopping is such a challenge! One less thing to hold would be so nice. As long as the baby doesn’t eat it…

    I’m not picky about color.

    Chelseas last blog post..Things I Love Thursday

  24. nicolerenae says:

    Those little gadgets look awesome! I may have to buy one if I don’t win. Pink, please!

  25. sdybash says:

    I love the lime green. It’s bright and may help me to remember it when I finish

  26. I am a serious coupon clipper! This would be awesome!!! RED for me!

  27. Green, green, green! You are such a generous little blogista!

    Nicols last blog post..Green Friday-Reusable Wash Rags

  28. Valentina says:

    What a smart idea. Pink please!

  29. the purple, no doubt!!!! i love this!!!

    tami lewiss last blog post..is tv all bad?

  30. What a fantastic idea. Thanks so much for introducing this to me! I like the red one the best. Thanks!

    Nicole@frugalisfabs last blog post..Target Today

  31. Heather H says:

    Check out your comment lovin’! I love this list caddy – it might make me look less lost when I’m at the store trying to get situated. I love the white one.

    Heather Hs last blog post..29 Weeks

  32. Auntie S says:

    What a great invention! Wish I would have thought of it. I would like either green or purple! Thanks!

  33. I think red so it would match my cart at CVS AND Target

    Elaine@bloginmyeyes last blog post..Mid-life poetry crisis

  34. Heather says:

    I like green!
    And thanks for making the ranting phone call- I just ranted at the tv- and being dvr lacking- I was thankful the baby woke up at 12:45 just in time for me to see the winner!

  35. I’m scrolling down, and I think, wow… only 4 comments so far. Then I keep scrolling and I turn around and scroll back up only to realize the 3 was lost in the apple… 34 peeps beat me. Hey, I had surgery today… not my fault! :)

    I’m so in LUST with the hot pink one. Do you know how often I lose my pen because I sit the list, coupons and pen in the seat and it rolls off? Grrrr… or better, LC grabs it and decorates her legs.


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Back To School- The Earth Friendly Saga Continues

  36. I WANT ONE!!! I WANT ONE!!! I would definitely choose green…or purple…maybe both? HA! Green is my favorite color. I definitely think that I could make great use out of it! PICK ME! PICK ME! :)

    Devons last blog post..LIFE-long learning

  37. LeeAnn says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep everything organized, and this is it! Purple would be great!

  38. Pink please!
    I need one of these things!

    Marys last blog post..I hate subject lines..

  39. brattt says:

    I’d go with the lime green, nice and bright, easy to find amongst the junk in my purse!

  40. Janet F says:

    I could use one of these cuties!

    I like the pink one.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. Shannon H says:

    That’s a very neat invention (wish I’d thought of it!). I’d go with blue I think. Thanks!

  42. SarahMay says:

    I would choose the white.

    Yeah, I’m boring…

  43. This would be in my kitchen and its red so I would go with the red one!


  44. I really like the white one, though with three kids, I am sure anything white is not a great idea. Sooooo . . . lime green it is!

    jubilees last blog post..Peep O’ The Week

  45. That sounds like a fun idea! I am pink all the way :)

    Melanies last blog post..A haircut he did need!

  46. I would get the purple! Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  47. Green would be for me… It would show up on the frigerator, rather than white, which would be nice. My husband puts the list in his pocket, goes shopping and tries to remember what was on his list, instead of taking it out of his pocket! Wish I could do the shopping again.

  48. Gina Stratos says:

    What a great little gadget. I’d go w/the green.

  49. Karen says:

    Sign me up for some PURPLE! Thanks;)

  50. I would get the pink. These are so neat.

    Brandys last blog post..Free Samples!!

  51. Elizabeth says:

    The List Caddy seems like a great invention! Thanks for the opportunity to win this. I would definitely choose the red!


  52. Donna says:

    It really doesn’t matter what color. I could say red because it stands for CVS and it’s one of my daughters favorites. Or, I could say blue because it’s my favorite, or purple because my youngest daughter adores anything purple. Hey, who cares what color it is? It’s to help me save money and get the things I need. It just needs to fuction well!

  53. Melissa says:

    WOW! What a great idea! I desperately need one of these… Love the green. Thanks for abreat Blog…

  54. Jessica says:

    This would be such a help at the store. We would have to go with the blue one for my little man!

  55. I would love a pink one…one of these would be -great- for my errand trips. It gets so old trying to hold everything in my hands…I seriously need to grow a third limb.

    seesawstars last blog post..Mailbox of Goodies

  56. Oh I am all about pink!


    Danielles last blog post..Aprons, Cooking, and Contests

  57. Fun!

  58. Kristin says:

    I would love a green one. Shopping would be so much easier.

  59. Wow! What a great idea! I love the pink one!

    Lynns last blog post..Rain,Rain Go Away!

  60. I really want one of these. I’d love the purple one. Thanks.

    Debbies last blog post..Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing

  61. I’m thinking red. That way boy or girl in the future, I am covered. :-)

    Rachels last blog post..Works For Me Wednesday…

  62. I’m kind of partial to the hot pink one.

    Shelleys last blog post..Why Do I Think Of Things Like This?

  63. pink or purple are my favorites.

    Michelles last blog post..Birthdays in our House

  64. What a great idea! I would like to have the bright green so it will stand out among the other stuff in my bag.

    Julies last blog post..Waste Less Wednesday

  65. love the red one, what a great product

    LeAnna Cs last blog post..The Giant Enclyclopedia of Lesson Plans: for children 3 to 6

  66. Rachael says:

    Great idea. I like the purple one.

  67. Carla Pullum says:


  68. Green. Such a handy little product!

    natalies last blog post..Tuesday Twofer

  69. Rebecca says:

    I like the blue one… I think even I couldn’t lose that.

  70. sign me up for purple!

  71. I like the purple one myself.It looks pretty neat. thanks for the giveaway

    Kathryns last blog post..Man I Love Country Songs

  72. I love purple. It’s one of my favorite colors. Thanks for offering this.

    Audreys last blog post..Casserole Cookbook Review

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