Frugal Friday- Stocking Stuffers

frugal-friday-2-736462  You know what the weird thing is about becoming a parent? You get an automatic promotion on your first day to the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Which is a lot more stressful then it is fun in my humble opinion. Cause we are frankly on the fence about whether or not to even acknowledge these make believe people which leads to a severe identity crisis. Am I an imaginary fairy or not? See the problem here.

Anywho, we pretty much just focus on Jesus’ birthday at Christmas, but we do allow Santa to do some stockings. Cause I frankly want all the good stuff to come from us. Not some fake fat man. Anywho (again), I tend to go overboard with the stocking stuffers. So much so that it is not really so much a stocking stuffer, but a fill up the stocking and then fall out all over the floor stuffing. And I always forget to budget for that part so I end up spending too much money.

So this year I headed to the dollar store. And seriously, a big ole pile of bubbles, stickers, fake tattoos and coloring books. My kids are going to be in heaven. And probably will end up thinking the stocking stuffers are way cooler than their actual gifts totally foiling my plan. And I will be stuck putting fake tattoos on my children for the rest of my life. Never mind, this plan stinks.

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  1. Stahli says:

    I am right there with you on the fence about the Santa thing. We had decussions about them before we had kids. Luckily the girls (ages 3&4) are VERY into the nativity story (they still believe in Santa but it isn’t a big deal). They like to dress up and pretend to be Mary and go through the whole story. We start playing this when we get the decorations out and it will continue until atleast Feb. I have even used Mary and baby Jesus as ways to get them to behave!

  2. I totally feel you on the fake fat man thing. I really dislike this aspect of parenting and am looking forward to being off the hook. I just hope my kids don’t hate me for lying to them.

    Jens last blog post..Friday Eye Candy: Hot Chef Edition

  3. lol! the hubs and i have already talked about Santa – not for our future children, but what I expect out of him!!

    Brookes last blog post..Frugal Friday – Lunch help wanted

  4. If I may share with you how we handled the whole Santa issue? … First of all Saint Nicholas was real. The story of Santa Claus can be basically traced back to him. The story goes something like this: Nicholas was the only child of a well to do couple and when he was old enough he became a priest. When his parents died he inherited their wealth. He went around leaving small gifts (oranges & such) on the door steps of families in his community (usually in the children’s shoes). Fast forward… 1985 and my children are now for the most part ready to hear about what we believe. Not wanting to have my child go to school & ruin anyone’s Christmas by claiming there is no Santa I told my children that we believe in Christ and we celebrate His Birth every year and when the priest Saint Nicholas shared with the families in his community the story of Santa came about and so now after all these years people can play Santa and leave special gifts for good boys & girls or even adults if they wish. And so that we don’t spoil the fun we know the real meaning of Christmas and those who don’t know God the way we do may not be ready to hear the truth about Santa so we’ll keep that to ourselves for now. Now my granddaughters are learning that Christmas is Christ’s birthday and that Santa comes to leave gifts for good girls and boys. But the items from Santa is never huge and Santa is never the “focus” of our Christmas.
    I hope you will find the way to best deal with Santa for you & your family.

    Annes last blog post..hello is anyone out there?

  5. Allie says:

    “Santa” may have been a real person, but Christmas is about Christ! I am a born again Christian and love the opportunity to witness to people when they ask my 20 mon old if Santa is coming to our house, i politely say no, we celebrate Jesus birthday. It is a great opportunity to be in the world, but not of the world!

  6. We’ll do stockings and 1 gift from Santa per child… but have you ever seen Santa’s workshop it’s full of simple toys, wooden blocks and trains or cloth dolls… not Barbie’s Dream House or iPod’s or other electronic gadgets. Growing up the focus was always on the birth of Jesus and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. We didn’t have a lot, but we had more than we needed and plenty to be thankful for.

    Barbaras last blog post..Holiday Baking – Thursday Thirteen

  7. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~ says:

    Oh I love stockings! We used to want to go through them first because of all the fun little things. I remember when started getting lipstick (chapstick)in mine … I thought that was the COOOOOLEST thing ever! haha


  8. I too told the story the way that Anne did above. My daughter slipped when she was four and told some children at school, I paid heavily for that however, I never lied to my children and frankly I do not see why anyone who can not afford major gifts would want their child to end up thinking Santa did not think they were good enough for a certain toy. I felt my children were very well behaved and deserved the world. I did not give them the world full of toys every year ( we could have afforded it) I always felt that children appreciate things more if they earn it. Christmas is a time for giving, but giving with our hearts not always credit cards. Give your child more of your time, hugs, kisses and understanding.

  9. Christmas is full of fun and enjoyment. Santa is also part of it.


  10. We do Santa at our house too. And the dollar store is great. The kids love those toys, and if they break right away? Who Cares? It only cost a dollar!

    Esthers last blog post..Christmas at My House

  11. I filled the stockings so full one year that the stocking holders fell and broke.

    As for the Santa thing, you can totally turn it into a thing about Christianity. I work at a Catholic school, and they incorporate Santa Claus very well. We just showed the kids a great movie called “How Saint Nicholas Became Santa Claus”, and I just loved it. So much so, that I’m trying to find it so I can buy it!

    Momo Falis last blog post..That Sounds Like a Personal Problem

  12. Hand Me Downs says:


    I totally agree with you on the identity crisis.

    We are thinking to handle the Santa issue for this christmas as we could not do it last year.

    Thanks for the post

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