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frugalfriday  Tonight I had a bunch of friends over for a couponing class. We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating and discussing how to save money. I have been couponing for a little over a year and am constantly singing it’s praises. The response is always the same: “How do you do that?”

So, seeing that it was the new year and several friends had decided to be more frugal this year, it seemed like a great idea to have a little class. All I asked was that people brought food (an excuse to eat) and I shared what I had learned.

We had great discussions and I even learned a few things. Best of all I got to help my friends get on a path to success that has been so helpful for our family budget. And I get to have more friends that speak the language of couponing. Even if you all your friends are seasoned couponers, I bet you could hang out and swap tips.

So spread the wealth. I hope to have a couple more get togethers in the future for my friends that wanted to come but couldn’t. Yeah, there are classes people take that charge money. And yeah, I could probably teach one for a fee. But I would much rather hang out with a bunch of friends and pass on my secrets. Who can you help out? Or who can you ask for help if you haven’t started using coupons yet? Ask around and use it as an excuse for a party. Just make sure someone brings the rice krispie treats.

For more frugal tips head over to Life as Mom.


  1. Oh come now Jill, spill your couponing secrets with the Internets! Inquiring minds want to know!
    .-= Strong Rhetoric´s last blog ..Stubborn =-.

  2. My sister teaches classes like this, not just about couponing, but also about how to freeze/can/ or otherwise preserve foods. And how to cook more naturally which ends up being cheaper than buying prepackaged foods. She started out doing them free in her home, but it has led to so many people wanting to come that she’s having big ones in churches, other people’s homes and charging a fee.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..More Shirts… =-.

  3. How great that you share you knowlege with your friends! I LOVE it! :) What a great idea…I think more people should do that.
    .-= Jen-After the Alter´s last blog ..The Childless Years =-.

  4. so do you come to Indy? I’ll totally provide the food…
    .-= designHer Momma´s last blog ..A Night out with the BlogHERS =-.

  5. Oh I would love, love, love to go to one of these!!! I know I could get some girls in ATL area together when you’re ready to travel:)
    .-= mandi @ it’s come to this´s last blog ..Blissfully blissdom links … part 3 =-.

  6. JenniferP. says:

    Wow. You are truly a saint. How nice of you to spread your infinite wisdom with others. I enjoy your every day bragging of how you do everything perfectly and wonderfully. Now if only you could master the art of humility.

  7. Stunned at the comment above from JenniferP – um, seriously? What in the world motivated that comment?! Issues! So, okay. Moving on…

    Jill, thanks so much for sharing. I would totally come to this class if I were closer! Anything to free up a few more $$ in the monthly budget. A bunch of friends have started couponing in the last year (do you use couponmom.com??) and they swear by it. It just seems like lots of work to me. But the multi-kid couponing moms I know somehow seem to make it work. I clearly need your tips!!

  8. Since I know Jill, let me just say she is humble and funny and quick witted and kind. She loves God, her husband, and her kids and maybe you should remember what you’re mama taught you; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Oh and Jennifer P., you don’t have to read her blog everyday or comment. (Actually, please don’t comment.)
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Forgiveness =-.

  9. I wish I could have learned from you, loved reading this post, and all others from you. So sorry that some people have to make others feel poorly to make themselves feel good. You are doing a great job!! So nice that we serve the God who sees us, and knows how untrue Mrs. P. is!!

  10. To JenniferP: You judged Jill harshly and incorrectly. Now if you could only master the art of tactfulness.

  11. Jill – i don’t even know you. . but i read your blog entries from time to time. . Does Jennifer P. have a blog? hm m m m . . . .

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