Frugal Friday- Old Navy Deals

frugalfriday Old Navy has been running some fantastic in store, one day only sales lately. I went to a denim one and though it was a complete and total madhouse, I made out with some dirt cheap jeans. Well, this Saturday, they are at it again.

Saturday, June 20, get to the store right when it opens at score women’s and girl’s tank tops for only $2. Seriously, if you bought the fabric and sewed your own they probably wouldn’t be as cheap. These are an absolute summer staple for me. I have them in a bunch of colors and, truth be told, in a bunch of sizes based on whether I am preggo, shedding baby weight or back to fighting weight. Actually, I just looked down and I am wearing one right now.The limit is 5 per customer, but maybe you could drag your hubby kicking and screaming and score 10. I don’t have the energy to deal with people in my preggo state, but I will be sending happy thoughts (from the comfort of my bed) your way.

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  1. Mama Koala says:

    This is a great deal–not sure if my pregnant self is up to fighting the crowd either, though.

  2. Does anyone know if maternity is included in the sale? I’ll bump people out of the way with my belly! =)

  3. I just called Old Navy and they said maternity is not on the $2 sale, but those tanks are 50% off. Still, I’ll stock up on some post-baby tanks!

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