Frugal Friday- My Water Bill

fridgidaire_badgePc   I have been waiting to write this post ever since I got my new washer and dryer. But of course it has taken until now for me to be ABLE to write this post. None of this makes any sense so let me back up.

WAY back in ye olden days when I had just one kiddo at home I went merrily along my way paying my water bill every month, paying little attention to what the amount was, just noting every month that it was about the same. Then baby #2 came along and several months after, my bill went up. By like $10 a month. Which isn’t a ton granted but I noticed the difference and called the water company. They asked me if I had added any people to the household. When I replied that I had they said that caused the discrepancy and it just took awhile for it to show up in the billing cycle. Although it doesn’t seem like it is THAT much different apparently each new person added means more laundry, dishes, etc. And even though that makes sense when your kid goes through 4 onesies a day because of various intestinal related blow outs, it doesn’t really ever go back down again. More people just equals more water.

So when Silas came along I waited for the water bill to go up. When my Frigidaire washer came I waited for the water bill to go down. You see they claim to use up to 82% less energy and 60% less water. Nothing happened so I assumed the cancelled each other out and was pretty happy about it because it seems to me all I do all day is dishes and laundry. Then again, a shower is rare so maybe that is where the grand savings is coming in.

But then, this month’s water bill came. And it has gone DOWN by $5 a billing cycle. Now you might scoff at $5, but recall I have added another human to the house. A boy human who seems to be a tad messier than I remember. Then again, I barely remember what I ate for dinner a few hours ago so who is to say. I expected my bill to go up, but instead it has gone down. And $5 a month equals $60 a year. Which equals a nice massage somewhere for this mama. And if my math is correct and it should have gone UP $10 as well, that equals $15 savings a month or $180 a year. And to me that equals a few pairs of shoes.

I am anxious to see what happens to our bill after summer when we do use water more cause of our lawn. Perhaps more massages and shoes are in my future…

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I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer to facilitate my review. But the savings are mine all mine (shhh…don’t tell my hubby)


  1. Woo-hoo…lower bills! We just had our largest water bill ever (because I’ve been trying to keep our grass green this summer)
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  2. Stopping by from Life As Mom – Frugal Friday.

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  3. Man, I’d love to get a new washer and dryer. Our dinosaurs are not the most efficient, but they are still working. Someday…

    Stop on over to my blog, Free 2 Be Frugal, sometime and see how our family saves money!

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