Frugal Friday- Grow Your Own Veggies…or make a sad attempt at it

 I have, what is known in gardening circles, as a black thumb. My yard is a bit on the sad side. And the two houseplants I have left are dying a slow death (hopefully they will reunite with all the friends that have gone before them up in heaven). I have never however, killed a cactus (oh yeah, K. I’m talkin’ bout you). So why, on earth, would such a person decide to start a vegetable garden? I laugh in the face of challenge and live to walk on the wild side. Actually, this is about as wild as I get anymore. Sad, so sad.

Anyway, last year was our fist attempt and we got some basil, cilantro and a few green peppers. This year we have gotten a little more basil and cilantro, some sort of dwarfed green pepper, one zucchini and 3 tomatoes so far. Maybe I am just meant to grow herbs. No, no, I am pretty sure I once bought one of those cute windowsill herb gardens and killed it.

What is worse, I feel I might have passed this black thumb onto my child. In Lily’s preschool they did the whole bean in a plastic cup thing. When the kids all came out of class with their cups, they all had the beginnings of a bean sprout. Lily’s cup, nothing. Today she brought another attempt home from VBS. I weep for it’s future.

So anyway, my frugal tip is to grow your own veggies. They cost very little to buy and typically give you a good return for your investment. As long as you keep them far, far away from me.


  1. I have a black thumb too and this is my first year to try a garden. We’ve grown a few things and I was feeling so proud… until I saw some other gardens. Mine is a puny little thing! But, it’s my first year so I will persevere in the face of this daunting challenge!

    We black-thumbed gardeners need to stick together! :-)

    Lady Whys last blog post..It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  2. Clare has the same problem. She brought home a bean seed planted in a cup, and after waiting 2 months…nothing.

  3. O.K. ladies this might not be your fault. It could be the soil you have or should I say don’t have.
    When I planted my garden here 4 yrs. ago, which is when we moved in, it was were I planted it. We have 40 acres & 6 of it is where the house is w/yard space. Well parts of the lawn has bad soil were in back the soil is great. I know. Mother Nature plays with us all the time. So you might want to have your soil checked.

  4. Ok, I’m really bad with plants too. I almost lost a cactus, but I finally noticed and started watering it. It’s just that they don’t nag me to water them. Even if they could just call out once-a-week for some water, that would help. It would be a little freaky, but at least they would survive!
    I’ve wanted to try some container gardening on my balcony, but I don’t get enough sun. So my “garden” consists of some plant my mom planted for me a few years ago that refuses to die despite my absolute neglect.

  5. I am also in the black thumb category! Whenever someone gives me a plant I try to give it away to someone else immediately so it won’t die an untimely death. I can barely keep my cat and two kids alive, much less a houseplant!

  6. i like to acquire leftovers from other people’s gardens. so nothing goes to waste.

    Brookes last blog post..Creative Wedding Idea

  7. This year my garden has not done as well as some other years and I agree that the dirt is a huge contributor. You can actually see the quality of the dirt subside in my garden. The left side is lush and growing, while the right, well, it’s not…but I’ll tell you, I found that my houseplants did exceptionally better when I had more of them. If there is only one or two and they are in various parts of the house, I will never remember them, but when they’re all in one spot and I’ve got a bunch, they don’t let me forget!

  8. Jackie @agsoccermom says:

    little hint for your tomatoes, you have to gently shake your plant every so often to spread the pollen around. you will get more tomatoes. I have a friend that grows them commericially and gasp he uses a long metal wand vibrator to do this. But years ago my grandma told me don’t forget to wack em’. Have a great day.

    Jackie @agsoccermoms last blog post..Where the hell were all the coaches….

  9. Don’t give up! Talk to neighbors and friends in your area that garden. Get some area tips.

    Keep it up, you’ll be so glad that you did!

    Tammy and Parkers last blog post..Brave Hero Goes To The Denist

  10. I’m not good with my garden either. I love to plant things, and I’ll prepare the soil and plant lots of lovely seeds, but then it gets hot and it’s too hard to weed, and then something goes wrong with the sprinklers and….No produce for me.

    This year I kept it really small. Tomatos, pumpkins, and lettuce in a pot.

    Paiges last blog post..True Blue

  11. Oh yeah, I’m with ya. But I couldn’t resist the 10 packs of seeds for a dollar at Rite Aid this summer. So I planted them, and I’m getting lots of PLANTS but no veggies yet. =)

    marigolds last blog post..Are we ALL having fertility issues?

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