Frugal Friday- Giving Back

frugal-friday-2-736462  I have hit on this subject a few times before, but it is one we feel passionate about in the DD household. I was raised on the motto “To whom much is given, much is expected” and I am trying to raise my children to remember the same thing. And I have been so blessed. Not necessarily monetarily, although let’s be honest, there are few of us in the states who by the world standards aren’t. But make no mistake, my life is one big blessing after another. Even when things suck, I can still recognize that.

I strongly believe that God commands us to give off the top, not give him the leftovers. And I love, love, love how my pastor puts it: we are to live off 90% of our income and give 10% back to God. Cause 90% is a lot people. And 10% ain’t that much. And I know that it is sooo hard to start, but once you start, you won’t miss the 10% because it is like it never existed.

How is it part of “Frugal Friday” to talk about giving up part of your income when the economy sucks and times are tight as it is. Cause let’s be honest if we wait until we have “enough” money to start giving, that moment probably isn’t going to happen. And it is much easier to give 10% of a little than 10% of a lot. So I would challenge you to step up your giving in 2009. We are just Challenging all over the place over here :)

So maybe you truly don’t feel like you can give off your income right now. There are so many other ways to give. You can give of your time to an organization that needs volunteers. Or if you do your drugstore game and get lots of free stuff, you could donate the extras to people who need it as my generous friend  Jenny does. Or maybe you have a house full of stuff you no longer need that you can give to someone who needs it.

And I know just the person who needs it. Some of our good friends are waiting to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia and have just gotten hit with a major unexpected expense relating to his adoption. And while it is against Ethiopian adoption rules to straight up ask for money, it isn’t against the rules to ask for goods. So she is asking for goods that she can sell in the West Michigan Mom sale. So if you are local, would you consider donating some stuff to her cause?And if you aren’t local, but are an artisan that makes something she could sell would you be willing to consider donating something to her? You can get more info on how to help her over at her blog. I know you will be blessed by giving.

For more tips on living frugally, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


  1. Thanks for this post, Jill. I got my first delivery of goods for the sale yesterday. I’m so thankful for generosity that is allowing us to make up for the unexpected costs. God is good!

    Jennas last blog post..Today was a good day

  2. nicolerenae says:

    I’m hanging onto all my baby stuff, since chances are we aren’t done having babies yet…but I do want to shop at the sale! I’m going to try and make it there.

    I have also been enjoying the challenging sermons, definitely something you can’t hear enough.

  3. My Bible study group was just talking about this. Studies show that when times are lean, more people are apt to give-but when times are good people give less. It really says something to me about our society.

  4. I am a definite believer in giving when things are tight and when things are plentiful. God never fails to provide!

    Beth@Not a Bow in Sights last blog post..Faithful Friday: Am I a Dawdler?

  5. WHOA. God has REALLY been speaking to me re this subject of giving. I need to listen to His voice.

    DOUBLE WHOA. My sister is adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia. D’ya mind sharing what the unexpected expense is?

    Amanda- VintageDutchGirls last blog post..And Then Bubbalu Turns 2…

  6. I feel completely that not only do we need to be faithful with what we have, but that we need to remember that nothing we have is our own, but from Him. So we need to give it back to Him! :-) My husband and I have been giving mostly of our time (but money too) to kids in inner-city Atlanta, and I cant even begin to explain what a blessing it is!!

    Beccas last blog post..One Time While I Was Watching Lost

  7. After all, everything is God’s. He expects us to be good stewards of what He has blessed us with. There is so much joy that comes from giving. “God loves a cheerful giver.”

    Dawns last blog post..Best Small Towns

  8. I think it is better to give than to receive…receiving things is great but greater is our reward with God when we give to others! Plus giving just seems to make me feel like I have did something worthwhile.

    Jessicas last blog post..Our Newest Little One…

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