Frugal Friday- Free Ice Cream

frugalfriday Nothing warms a preggo woman’s heart like the 3 words, “Free Ice Cream”. I love you is nice and all, but I hear that most days of the year and “Free Ice Cream” comes so rarely. For the second year in a row, TCBY is offering a free cup or cone to Mom’s everywhere. Not a mom? Grab someone’s baby and head over. I kid TCBY, I would never advocate stealing children for free frozen yogurt. Of course you should call your local TCBY and make sure they are participating, but my feeling is if they aren’t you should gather all your mommy friends together, head on over and politely tell them why you deserve free ice cream. We are mommy’s after all and should probably not be messed with when there is free ice cream at stake.


  1. Adam Shepherd says:

    How about mom’s to be?

  2. We have no TCBY in our area :( I am so sad about not getting ice cream.

  3. Pout pout!!
    I think I might count as a mom, since I obviously have a child very near me (yes, my once tiny and flat belly is sticking out :D )
    but the nearest TCBY is nearly 2 hours away.
    Maybe I can try this with my hubby “Darling, TCBY is giving away free ice cream” and he would naturally say “okay, you can have some” and I would say “thanks, but with the cost of gas it would be cheaper to go to walmart and get me a whole carton” and let’s see if he says “that’s reasonable, let’s go. Mint chocolate chip or dark chocolate?”

    Lanas last blog post..What do you think – will Baby Algie be a boy or a girl?

  4. hmmm, I’m not on my way to walmart.
    Well, I’m sure that if it weren’t already past ten (our time) and if we didn’t already have leftover birthday cake on the counter calling our names, it would have worked.

    Lanas last blog post..What do you think – will Baby Algie be a boy or a girl?

  5. no TCBY here either :(

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I love TCBY. I might have to go with the stealing a baby tactic though!


    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..Wine Club: Volume II

  7. Mama Koala says:

    I loved TCBY growing up! None in my area now:-(

    Mama Koalas last blog post..Frugal Friday, Free Music

  8. Yummy. Thanks for the tip!

    Will Blog For Shoess last blog post..A Sharer of Words

  9. is it all weekend, or just sunday?

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  10. I used to love going to TCBY, but they all shut down around here.

    nikis last blog post..Frugal Friday…Finding Discounts on Attractions

  11. Totally going to a nearby TCBY…if I can find one. I think they are only in the mall around me – I guess I have an excuse to go to the mall now!

    Shaunas last blog post..What Would Macy Wear gets Fancy

  12. Perfect! The only thing I said I wanted for Mother’s Day was to go out for ice cream!

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