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frugalfriday Do you live in or near Chicago? Wait!! Even if you don’t, do you ever want to go there? Wait!! Even if you say no…..wait, why would you say no? Chicago is the greatest city on the planet. I like where I live very much, but it isn’t a city like Chicago is a city. And since I lived there for 6 years and spend a ton of time there since, it still feels very much like home to me. So I can, with authority, sing its praises.

Chicago is a great place to visit as a family. But like any big city, it can be pricey. Not New York, San Francisco pricey, but pricey nonetheless. Wouldn’t you like to know how to see Chicago on the cheap. Even on the free. Pretty sure that is not a legitimate phrase, but work with me here.

A dear and wonderful friend of mine has started up a website that does just that. It keeps you alerted to all that is free in Chicago. It is called, appropriately enough, Free Chicago. Which sounds a little bit like Chicago has been unjustly accused of shoplifting or tax fraud, but really it is just all about free things!! Some of the free things are only offered one time like free Wendella boat cruises on Mother’s Day (I absolutely recommend those boat cruises, they are fantastic- bummer I wasn’t in Chicago on Mom’s Day), but a lot of them are free all the time.

For instance, did you know that the Chicago Children’s Museum is free every Thursday night. It is such a great place for kids and it is at Navy Pier which is fantastic in the summer time with its gigantic Ferris wheel. We love the Children’s Museum and have gone several times, but it is quite pricey and then you factor in parking and food and you are out a pretty penny. This little piece of info would have saved us a lot. Actually, lots of Chicago museums have free days, but you have to be in the know to find them.

So whether you are passing through, or a native, definitely check out Free Chicago. Your travel budget will be thankful.

For more frugal tips, head over to Life As Mom.


  1. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.net says:

    I love you!!! I am so gonna be looking up all this stuff tomorrow as we plan our weekend! But, def taking our boys to tour Wrigley – they’re so excited!!

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..CVS Snack: Sale Week of May 17

  2. Great link! My sister and brother in law are going to Chicago this summer. I’ll pass them the info!


    Jen-After the Alters last blog post..What You See Is What You Get..

  3. My hubby and I honeymooned in Chicago – because our wedding was there and we were so. darn. broke. I looked up all of the museum free days (although didn’t end up going… hm.) and we hit Lincoln Park Zoo for free. Get this – we even stayed at my parents’ house and they went out of town! ;)

    Kristi_runwatchs last blog post..Loads of fun on laundry day!

  4. I have a little bloggy bling over at my page for you “One Lovely Blog award” please stop by and take a look!

  5. This is awesome! We live about 2 hrs. from Chicago and I’ve been planning on doing some summer day trips there.
    Thanks so much! I’ll be checking out the site!

    Liz@HoosierHomemades last blog post..Semi-Homemade Sunday

  6. You have received a blog award! I absolutely enjoy your blog.


    Whitneys last blog post..My First Blog Award

  7. I love Chicago! I grew up there and lived there the first 18 years of my life. I just did the quick math yesterday and realized that in 4 years I’ll have lived in Michigan as long as I lived in Chicago, but whenever someone asks where I’m from, my brain instantly wants to say Chicago. That city grabs a hold of you and just doesn’t let go.

    Fortunately, my family lives there still so we visit all the time. In fact, we’re going there in two weeks. Our agenda so far includes The Field Museum, The Shedd and a few things out in the suburbs. This sounds like a fantastic resource. I’m going to check it out right now.

    Kate @ A Simple Walks last blog post..Frizzle Those Straggling Pieces of Lunch Meat

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