Frugal Friday- Fair Trade Chocolate

You might read this title and think fair trade and frugal do not exactly go together. And you have a point. But I have been really thinking lately about what frugal really means. To me it means being a good steward of the resources God has given me. Which lately has been actually leading to an increase in a few budgetary line items.

We have begun buying grass fed, free range meat. It is pricey, but the more I am learning, the more I feel strongly that this is a good choice for our family. We have been buying way less processed food. Which means I don’t use as many coupons. I can still rock a drugstore like nobody’s business, but some things are changing. I am still finding places cut back but there are other places I am not willing to.

So in that vein, I read a disturbing article today. Relevant Magazine (which I love btw) put out an article today called Your Easter Candy Supports Slavery. I am not going to rehash it all here, but please go read it. The gist is that most chocolate is harvested using child labor. And not just child labor, but child slave labor.

Here’s the problem. Ignorance is bliss. But now I know. And so I am done with chocolate. Yeah, so that probably isn’t true, but I want to really make an effort to buy fair trade chocolate. And since I haven’t bought Easter candy yet (my frugal self was waiting for a killer deal), I am going to start with Easter. It will cost a little bit more, but I shouldn’t be eating piles of chocolate anyway so this is an area where I am willing to spend a little more. I would love it if you would join me.


  1. It is amazing how many people do not realize how chocolate is processed. Your right fair trade does cost more, but your paying for a good reason! That is how I justify it.
    .-= Tara @ Go Green St´s last blog ..Energy Conscious Homeowners; DIY Spring Home Maintenance Tips =-.

  2. Jill you are awesome! You go girl! I applaud your convictions and I’m so happy you chose to share this on your blog.
    .-= Malia´s last blog ..Singing, not hair styling =-.

  3. Ignorance is bliss. Ugh, I hate that statement. It is too true. Thank you for passing this on. I want to be more aware.
    .-= Jane Anne´s last blog ..Our April Fool’s Day Dinner =-.

  4. I totally agree! I’m willing to spend more on quality ingredients, and hopefully it means I’ll eat less chocolate, drink less coffee, eat less meat.
    .-= Wendy (The Local Cook)´s last blog ..Easy Potato Bake =-.

  5. You nailed it on the head with “ignorance is bliss” … once we’ve been informed we’re making a decision by our actions. And unfortunately I believe the majority of things that we consume or enjoy in america have some horrible back story like that!

    Thanks for sharing Jill!
    .-= mandi@itscome2this´s last blog ..Resurrection day craft =-.

  6. This is a really great post – a good snapshot of change within. I 100% agree with you on spending more to be frugal, even though that sounds like a paradox. More expensive food is a better value – it has more nutrition, and it also forces budget cutbacks in other areas. Good for you!!
    .-= Jen @ BigBinder´s last blog ..Just Jenny From The Block =-.

  7. I just posted about this on FB. Check out http://www.takepart.com/news/2010/04/01/documentary-exposes-chocolates-bitter-truth
    .-= LaVonne´s last blog ..Our Little Comedian =-.

  8. Yeah, I need to work on this… I LOVE me some chocolate! And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my addiction to York Peppermint Patties (although I’m thankful they’re not made by Nestle!), but I’m going to try to be better…
    I hear ya on the coupon thing too. It seems like the stuff my friends post pictures of – all the free stuff they got – is all processed foods or things we don’t normally eat so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me to do that. I can’t wait for our farmer’s market to open this spring and we get to have a garden this year now that we have our own house too!!!

  9. I seriously, just got done adding to my blog, got up to dip into my kids Easter candy, and then sat down to read this. I’m not quite willing to give up the chocolate that I’ve already bought or, for that matter, spit out what I have in my mouth…but I am so glad that you shared the article and website. I don’t want to be ignorant about such a topic!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Feeling Glamorous =-.

  10. I agree – Fair Trade chocolate may cost more, but that’s the point. You get what you pay for. If you don’t pay a fair price yourself, somebody else somewhere down the line pays it for you. Personally I don’t like that on my conscience.

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