Frugal Friday- Entertainment Book (while traveling)

 So I have heard about the Entertainment Book for years, but have never gotten one until this year. It pays for itself in car washes and oil changes. I have used a few of the restaurant coupons too, but I am telling you in Michigan, you have to get your car washed a lot to get all the gunk off of it that results from salted roads and months of bad weather. So I am driving all over town using those coupons.

On a quick side note, you Americans should know that gas in Canada runs about $4.50 a gallon. Which is quite a bummer when road tripping across Canada. I am pretty sure we should stop complaining cause apparently gas is appallingly expensive around the world. Thank God I am not road tripping across Europe cause gas over there is insane. Not to mention the cost to make my car amphibious to get myself over there. So I am vowing to not complain about the price of gas in America anymore. Or at least until I get back over the border…which will be tomorrow.

Anyway, my brilliant friend Big Binder alerted me to a great travel tip, coincidentally, the morning before we left. She uses the Entertainment Book website to search for coupons along your route and at your destination. You can print many coupons right off their website. You just have to change your location to wherever it is you are traveling to. We even found some for Canada, although truth be told several of the restaurants were out of business so we didn’t end up using any. In theory, however, this is a great tip. I also will recommend again Restaurant.com. They are only stateside so we didn’t have any luck up here.

I am pretty much thinking that any way to cut corners financially when traveling is a great idea. Of course you can always pack your own food, which we do too, but it just isn’t a family vacation unless you are huddled in a booth with the hubby trying to prevent your 1 year old from putting any more BBQ sauce in her hair and your 4 year old from crawling under the booth, all while gracefully eating your own fat-laden taco salad which has lettuce pieces the size of my head. Ah, vacation memories.

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  1. I love being called brilliant, in theory :)

  2. canearl says:

    This is a great tip!! We’ve used our Entertainent book around here and it’s really saved us a lot of money. We paid $10 and it’s way more than paid for itself. I’ll have to remember to check the website when we travel this summer.

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