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frugalfriday If you haven’t heard of this site before, I firmly believe by the end of this post you will want to be my new best friend. Which really isn’t that unusual cause who wouldn’t want to be friends with me? Then again maybe I shouldn’t get so fascinated with my bad self because while pulling up the link to the site I was going to link to, I realized that site doesn’t exist anymore, but has been replaced by another site. But I refuse to change the title of this blog cause I frankly don’t like the new name and this is my way of protesting change. See, why would anyone want to be friends with such a crazy, unstable person. Run for the hills, the crazy might be contagious.

Anywho (those who aren’t regular readers of my blog, but stumbled over for Frugal Friday are really regretting that click right now), I love Craigslist. I mean who doesn’t. If you don’t know about Craigslist yet, well first I must question under which rock you have been living, and second, may I just say you are going to love it!! It is like a big online garage sale for your local community.

But you know the downside of Craigslist? That it is for your local community. Don’t get me wrong, I love that unlike Ebay and it’s often heinous shipping fees, often times I can just drive across town to pick up that coffee table I love and am scoring for dirt cheap. Although sometimes, can I just say to the people posting on Craiglist, your crap isn’t worth half of what you are trying to sell it for. And you can post it 13 times a day, but that doesn’t make it any better deal. That black mirrored, lacquered bedroom set still ain’t worth$2500.

Back to my point, sometimes you just want to search outside your town. Sometimes you want to know what is really out there that might be worth paying shipping charges for or driving a bit out of your way to get. To do that, you have to search through a bunch of areas town by town. Which is horribly time consuming and possibly even distracting as you find that lamp shaped like Mickey Mouse that you never knew you desperately needed.

Holy cow, I swear I have a point. Some genius soul invented Craigshelper (except now it is called Search Tempest…see what I mean…). It does all the work for you. You put in your zipcode and how far away you are willing to look. Then you put in your search terms and it searches all the Craigslist ads that fall within the radius you specified. It even throws in some Ebay results just to be thorough. Now, it is perfect. Sometimes you get some redundancies. But it beats the heck out of searching all those Craigslist pages yourself. And the one thing I love almost as much as saving money is saving time. And sleep, but that is neither here nor there.

For more frugal tips head over to the new home of Frugal Friday Life As Mom.


  1. Wow…this may actually be super helpful to me since we live in the sticks and Craigslist hasn’t quite made the trip. Thanks for posting this! I will for sure check it out. =)

    Jesss last blog post..Random Thought Thursday

  2. I live about 50 miles beyond sticks. Great tip. I’ll be a searching tempest tonight. You should somehow work that into the challenge…

  3. Nicole says:

    Girl, I didn’t even know such a creature, or, I mean website, existed (or did exist). But I will check out the new one and must test it out pronto! I love me some Craigslist!

  4. I’m learning all kinds of new things here at your blog recently! ;)

    Kristins last blog post..Shiners? Raccoon? Masked Super Hero?

  5. I love you for posting this!! I just found a bunch of stuff that i needed/wanted and maybe a part time job.. you rock

    Cupcakes last blog post..Things I love – – 3/12/09

  6. We love craigslist, but I never new at this tool. Thanks so much for sharing your little secret. We agree with you and laugh at those people selling junk for a lot.

    Blossoming Skillets last blog post..I have been diagnosed…….

  7. We found our house on craigslist. Though we found a house to move to (as we’re looking to move again) that was perfect. PERFECT! The reply we received from the landlord seemed a bit sketchy and I stopped by the house one day when there were cars there and found out that the house was never for rent and someone actually had bought it! So beware of people who claim they live in West Africa. Love Craigslist though and am going right now to check out Tempest. :) Thanks!!

    jeans last blog post..A "quick" update

  8. Wow, this new tool looks great! Can’t wait to use it!

    Jean – yikes, that’s some sketchy stuff!

    Saver Queens last blog post..How much should your food really cost?

  9. Hey, thanks for the link! Was just trolling google to see how many people had recommended the site by its new name so far.. this is the first one I saw done despite reluctance and protest. ;)

    Did you check out the “But whyyyyy” page on the name change? http://www.craigshelper.com/whychange.php. Hopefully over time you’ll come to like the new name too. ;) And regardless, I’m glad you like the site!

  10. Good tip, thanks. We’ve spent way too much time scrolling through Craig’s List. This will help.

    jubilees last blog post..Outlaw Marshal by Al and Joanna Lacy – A Review

  11. I never knew about craigshelper. and I so want to sell stuff on craiglist, but never do! I need to stop being a slacker.

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss last blog post..simply nesting in this old house…

  12. all in one search engine

  13. Truly truly helpful! Thanks! I haven’t ventured on to shopping on Craigslist because it seemed overwhelming but now I think I’m ready w/ the help of Craigshelper …Thx!

    Nydias last blog post..Stinky Bear’s Rules for a Happy Life

  14. That would be an extremely useful tool. I go in and out of phases with browsing Craigslist, but with this new site you’ve mentioned, I may be going INTO a phase! :)

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..taste the rainbow

  15. I absolutely love Craigslist and tried craigs helper several times. Don’t get me wrong but I think it’s way too frustrating (at least for me) with all those windows popping, windows scrolling and flashing advertisement all over the place ;-)

    I still prefer the old good Craigslist or the http://craiglook.com

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