Frugal Friday- Coupon Organization

  Remember a few weeks ago, when I teased you a bit with the promise of the details of my extensive couponing system. I have put off doing it for a while. Partly because it involves taking pictures which requires actual planning and effort. Partly because it is quite involved and will make me look like a big old coupon nerd. Which I am, but I am all about the smoke and mirrors. But in honor of this, I am willing to spill my deepest couponing secrets.


Well, who doesn’t love show & tell. It was like my favorite subject in Kindergarten. Plus a few of you asked so nicely so here it goes.

First, every week I gather the coupons out of the paper and put them in my accordion folder. Each date gets it’s own spot and I label them by date. That way when I consult Grocery Game or Coupon Mom I just pull out the date referenced and cut the coupon I want. Saves me some time clipping a bunch of coupons that I will never use.


Second system is my coupon box.


It is just an index card box. Into it goes any loose coupons I get in the mail, on a tear off pad in a cereal box, whatever. I also put in coupons I have cut to use, but when I get to the store something goes horribly wrong and I am denied my deal. Usually when CVS doesn’t have what I want cause they can’t seem to stock their sales. Not that I am bitter…

In the box, I have put some little alphabetizing dividers and I place things in by their brand name. I have tried other systems of organizing by types, but I just always find that I don’t like the categories. And most of the time the sale scouting sales I frequent list by brand name, so it just makes more sense to me. Sorry, pic is a little blurry.


Then I consult my list and put all my coupons in a envelope I have designated for each of the stores I frequent. In those envelopes I also keep all my coupons that are good for only one store. The coupon, the list and my list caddy (don’t forget my giveaway!!) head with me to the store and I am a saving machine!!

It may sound a little complicated, but I assure you it is not (remember me and the lazy?) and it saves me bunches so it is worth it. Plus did you notice how cute it all is? The purple Znaccordion folder, all the colors in the coupon box, my little pink store envelope coupons (oh yeah, they are pink). I am a firm believer in lookin’ good while you are being frugal. My coupons like to look good too.

For more frugal tips, head over to Biblical Womanhood.


  1. And now I know why my attempts at coupon clipping have gone horribly wrong…


    Thanks for going to all this work for us!


    Polka Dot Mommys last blog post..Making Clothes Outlast Your Kids!

  2. I think you should have coupon workshops at your house for those of us that are coupon lost. I am going to get back into couponing this Fall, I like your system better than what I was doing before. Maybe my lack in coupon understanding is why I fell off the coupon wagon to begin with :)

  3. Courtney says:

    when you say date do you mean 8/15 or August. Maybe the next time I see you we should just do a runthrough. :-)

  4. I only save coupons 50¢ and up, and put them in a Ziploc in my purse. It has nowhere near the sophistication of yours, but I can generally save $3 to $6 on coupon-money-off, and up to $12 on buy this, get the second free promotions, so I’m happy.

    Maybe if I could find a small purple accordian thingy that would fit in my purse…

    I’ve messaged you, Queen of Coupons, at your email, with a burning question…

    Jacquelyn@Because I Said So!s last blog post..The selling of my seven year old / a contest!

  5. This is either brilliant, lame, or a little funny.

    Not Jack Black funny. More “Is Carrothead on steroids?” funny.

    I miss my listerine.

    (but i love you)

    Mr. Diaper Diariess last blog post..Vocations and hairballs

  6. Wow!! Hey- there’s nothing nerdy about saving money :). I have a Couponizer and I love it- I might feature it this week- if Hubs will let me have a chance on the computer.

    Candace (Mama Mia)s last blog post..One week in

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  10. Where did you get your accordion? I want a similar blue or pink one, but I can’t find one I like.

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