Frugal Friday- Company Discounts

 Today I opened the mail and a coupon book arrived. Actually 2 did, but one I had signed up for somewhere a long the way. It was AWESOME, full of coupons for all sorts of groceries I regularly buy. The second one was a coupon book from my local cable company for pay per view movies. I don’t know what happened, but the second I birthed a child, we stopped going to movies. We even stopped renting them cause somehow the effort of going to the video store seems to be too much. Actually it is a good thing we don’t rent often cause we can’t ever seem to get them back on time leading to all sorts of late fees that far exceed the price we paid to rent our 1 movie for the year.

So pay per view movies have become our friend. We don’t do it often, but for the price of a rental from Blockbuster we get to watch one and not waste the gas and late fees. Still free is much better than cheap so I am super jazzed about the coupon book. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this coupon book is part of a deal we got from an employee discount through my husband’s employer. It also saved us a chunk on cable every month.

Upon even further investigation I found all sorts of discounts. Gym memberships, theater tickets, insurance, hotels, even cars. Now my husband does work at a rather large company, but companies of all sizes have things like this. If you aren’t aware what is offered at your or your spouses company check with human resources. You might find instant savings on something you are already doing or just find a way to save the next time you plan a trip. At my husbands company, these frequently change so check in and see what is new. Or taken away, I just noticed a local pedicure place is no longer offering discounts. I never even took advantage of that one. They are however offering a discount on WWE Smackdown tickets so maybe all is not lost…


  1. This is why we do Netflix.

  2. also why we do netflix… thousands of movies, incredibly simplified!

    It’s sad that more companies does work this out.

  3. lifeafterbaby says:

    oooh, I’m excited to see what my husband’s employer gives discounts on…oh wait…

  4. oH, for the love of coupons.

  5. ’cause you need another stinkin’ pedicure :)

  6. I love this post. There is actually a program that is easy for any company to implement and instantly offer an employee discount program for their employees, including an offer from Netflix. The program is even private labeled to represent the company. Here is a link to the discounts available – http://www.perkline.com/celebrate/?page_id=2. You can also go to http://www.perkline.com or email {support at perkline.com} to request a program for your company or association.

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