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frugalfriday I am thinking this might be a stretch for a “frugal tip”, but bear with me cause I have had quite the day. I was taking my daily afternoon snooze (ie. attempting to read when Hannah lays down for her nap and falling asleep 2 sentences in) when I was startled by the doorbell. I was greeted by the UPS man. I was so annoyed about being woken up, signed my name and mumbled something like “This better be good.” Clearly I am not a person to be messed with during afternoon nap time. You have been warned.

It was a small, non descript package from a sender I didn’t recognize. This isn’t odd because I get products to review for my blog and I never really remember what I am getting until it arrives. So I almost just set it aside and went back to sleep. But instead I opened it and about peed my pants when I saw what was inside. Which isn’t weird either because I am pregnant with my third kid and it doesn’t take a lot to pee the pants these days.

Inside was a iTouch. AN ITOUCH!! Apparently I had won it for some blogging thing I didn’t even know I had entered. Now I already have a iTouch that I begged for at Christmas. And I love it soo much that the hubby has been envying it. So I selflessly gave it to him since he has been putting up with me lately and I have not exactly been the Proverbs 31 wife. He has been some sort of saint lately and has at least earned a little electronic goody for his efforts.

I tried to drift back to sleep but couldn’t so instead I called all sorts of people and bragged on Facebook and Twitter about my exciting win. Not an hour later the doorbell rings again and I am greeted by Fed Ex. Again, I think nothing of it cause it could be a product review, but the box is huge. Like both my kids could fit in it huge. (To play in though, not because I want to ship them anywhere or anything….ahem….). This is what was inside:


Actually it was this plus six more boxes which I had already given to my mom by the time I took this picture. I won a year’s supply of Celestial Seasonings tea from a blog I love called Reviewsings. I don’t know how much tea you drink but this is like 7 years of tea for us. Every flavor I could dream up. Yummo.

So my advice today. Enter blogging contests. It takes 2 seconds and you never know what you might win. Wanna know where to start? Well, I have one going on right now. So you can start here. Then head over to my good friend (and roomie at BlogHer) Andrea’s website Mommy Snacks. Not only does she have a whole host of frugal tips, she has compiled this great list where you can track down blog giveaways on the web.

My other two favorite places for giveaways:

Bloggy Giveaways: Melanie has giveaways almost everyday and many are from little companies that you might never know about otherwise. Sometimes you can find a little Etsy store that is just a treasure  or a great gift idea for that hard to buy for someone. She also hosts a quarterly carnival where hundreds of bloggers offer giveaways all at once. You will need to ship out your children for the week so you can spend all your time entering.

Prizey: This site compiles giveaways from all over the blogosphere. It tells you what is being offered, when it ends and what you need to do to enter. The site makes it really easy to sift through all the contests and just enter ones that interest you.

Obviously you won’t win them all, maybe only one the whole year. But free is free and I have often used things I win for gifts which makes the deal even sweeter. So enter away and best of luck!


  1. Oh, how fun!
    Congrats on your wins :)

    I totally laughed at your “not being a Proverbs 31 wife” comment- too funny!

    Now off I go to check out those links!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    SimplySaras last blog post..LPM Memory Verse #7

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for heads up on Bloggy Giveaways – I haven’t run across that blog before! I love it! Congrats on the win!

  3. How awesome! I have recently won 3 gallons of FREE organic milk as well as a free box of Banana Nut Cheerios. And while those aren’t as exciting as an iTouch, I was still blessed by them! :) Plus, when I enter giveaways, I rarely ever win! Oh and I won a book recently also!

    Winning is fun no matter what the size of the package :)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Controlled Chaos & Creative Construction

  4. I’ve actually won a couple of things and love it. I’d say that’s an excellent tip!

  5. I have won 2 giveaways… one on We Are That Family for the SWAK carnival and one on your blog last week!!! They were both GREAT giveaways too!!!


    Amandas last blog post..Life for us….

  6. thanks for the links…and congrats on the wins…entering contests is a great tip!

    faiths last blog post..K-man Quotes

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