Frugal Friday- Back To School Deals

 I know a lot of you are already “back to school”, but we still have a few weeks left around here. I have all the supplies we need, but I am trying to get organized in the clothing and shoe department. I had a steady and stylish hand me down source for a while, but she moved away and the well dried up at size 4T. So, the 5s have all been on me.

My favorite place to shop for back to school is garage sales and I have done quite well the last few weeks. But I have passed my clothes obsession genes down the family tree so we need options people. Lots and lots of options. I am happy to report the retailers have heard my cry and are puttin’ up sales everywhere I turn. Here are a few of my faves.

  • Rumor around the water cooler is that today (Sat. the 23rd) Old Navy is having a denim sale in which most of their kids jeans will be marked at $7 and adult jeans at $12. I am heading their in the morning to check it out. Hopefully there is not a mad frenzy of people fighting for the same size denim. I might carry my numchucks.
  • Threadless is a very hip and cool online retailer that specializes in t-shirts. Specifically they are an online community that takes submissions for tee shirt designs. Winning designs are made into tees and they are sized for both adults and kids. I personally love browsing their stuff cause I love the way the t-shirts are modeled. This shirt in particular makes me quite happy. And hungry. Anyway, starting Mon. Aug. 25th, they are having a back to school sale where all t-shirts are on sale for $12 and everything else is pretty much on sale too. While I realize this isn’t the cheapest you can find t-shirts for kids, I find their stuff is much more unique and trendy then a lot of stuff I see in the brick and mortar stores. Head over here to check their stuff out.
  • Finally, recently I was given the chance to check out another very cool online site that specializes in t-shirts, verymeri. Except this time the t-shirts are designed for children by children. Seriously, all the t-shirt designers were under 18. We were sent the “Be Buddies, Not Bullies” shirt that is part of an anti-bullying campaign. There are also t-shirts that say “Go Green” and “Kindergarten Rocks!”. I was really excited to learn 3% of the sale of each shirt goes toward supporting Free Arts For Abused Children, a non-profit that provides art services to at-risk children. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, verymeri has graciously offered my readers a 10% discount on any of their shirts if you mention my blog when ordering.

Got any other frugal ways you are getting ready for the school year? Or any tips on how to not spend the last 2 weeks before school curled up in the fetal position freaking out at the thought that a child I gave birth to minutes ago is somehow starting Kindergarten? I’m all ears.

For more frugal tips head over to Biblical Womanhood.


  1. Does it mean I am a thriftoshopoholic when I gasp out loud after reading that Old Navy kids jeans are $7 and adult jeans are $12?

    Hmmm, I wonder if the sale applies to maternity jeans as well, gotta have some cute new jeans for my expanding waistline…

    Amanda – VintageDutchGirls last blog post..Sugar & Spice…

  2. Thanks for the great tips!

    My first born started K this week- for the third time no less. Yes, I’ve gone through this ordeal three times, but you’d kind of have to know that I live in Asia to appreciate the situation. The story is on my blog!

    Stonefoxs last blog post..Home Runs and Strike Outs

  3. These are really fun T-shirts, but sorry, they’re out of our budget range.

    Sharons last blog post..Teaching Children Frugality

  4. nicolerenae says:

    I love Old Navy, and I also love garage sales. Just got some deals this morning around town at garage sales. Payless has good deals for shoes, with their BOGO deal. That was so nice, since my kindergartner needed a pair for every day and a pair for gym.

  5. those sites have some REALLY cute stuff! I’m definitely putting those on my (and nathan’s) christmas lists!

    I already had plans to go to Old Navy tomorrow, but your post reminds me I need to get there early. Shopping for daddy, not baby, but still.

    erin gs last blog post..Lezak Fries

  6. I may have to make a trip to ON tomorrow. Thanks!

    As for your baby in kindergarten- I’d opt for the fetal position. Not that I’m there yet, but I will be soon.

    Julies last blog post..Get Smart (with Money) numero dos

  7. Thanks for the discount on VeryMeri, my nieces would love these!

    Audra Krells last blog post..Dollar Tips for Writing

  8. I love going yardsaling as well. It has become quite a summertime addiction. The Old Navy denim sale is no rumor, it is going on where I live as well. I bought my youngest son two pair of jeans for $24, but will be taking them back so I can get him three pair of jeans for $21 from Old Navy. I am too hoping that it is not a madhouse when I get there tomorrow morning.

    Shyneas last blog post..THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE.

  9. My best advice for getting good deals is to wait. A few weeks after school starts, all of the school clothes will start going on clearance so they can put out all of the holiday clothes. If your kiddo isn’t in need of new clothes because he/she has outgrown them, then they really don’t need a whole new wardrobe for school right away.

    As far as sending your kiddo off, as a mom of 4 with 2 already in school, my best advice is to not let your nerves show. The best way for your little one to feel okay about going to school is for you to look okay, even if you are falling apart inside.

    Good luck!

    Nicole@frugalisfabs last blog post..Old Navy Denim Sale

  10. Hi,
    I’ve run across your blog via the facebook mommy bloggers thing. Nice to “meet” you.
    I too love a good glass of wine and spend too much time on the internet. :)
    Glad to have bumped into you,

    Heather of the EOs last blog post..Impeccable Timing

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