From Little Girl to Big Girl Room

We moved into our current house when Lily was eighteen months old. I was so excited to paint her room pink and get her a big girl bed since she had been in a crib in our old house. We decorated the nursery first and put her in there. But I immediately went to work decorating her future room. I decorated it with little girl artwork and her name spelled out on the wall. It was the perfect little girl room for my perfect little girl.

Right up until Lily decided she didn’t like pink. Pink was for babies. And so apparently was everything else in her room. I understand. I remember very vividly a few times growing up when I begged my mom for a different room than I had. And I remember being so excited when I got a room that felt just a little more grown up from the one before. But until recently I just didn’t have the time, money or inclination to do a room makeover. Plus, truth be told, I wanted my little girl to stay little.

Somehow we started surfing websites and talking paint colors just to see where things go. She immediately says she wants turquoise walls and zebra print bedding. So my job is now making her room look grown up without looking like it should contain a pole……

I reached out to Pottery Barn to see if they could help. The were gracious enough to provide our bedding and we went from there.


this is where I lament my picture taking skills, lack of lighting in our house and inability to pick up clutter off the floor before I take pictures.

I could never afford to do a Pottery Barn makeover from head to toe. But in each of my kid’s rooms I have got one signature piece to plan the room around and then bargain shopped out the rest of the room. Bedding is really the focal point of most rooms so that is where I started.

Her bedspread is a gorgeous ruched duvet (on sale right now!) from Pottery Barn teen. Their website has this great design tool where I was able to try out several bedding combinations with Lily before she found what she wanted. She had her heart set on these zebra sheets (which are also on sale!).

I wanted to do some zebra accents in her room while still keeping things toned down to not look cheap or like we lived in a jungle.


I found this great plush zebra rug at Target. I chose the smaller size so that it was subtle but still a nod to the zebra theme. As you can see when you search for zebra you have the option of going totally overboard. Of course Lily wanted one of everything.

To keep things simple and play off the ruched bedspread I got these ruffled curtain panels. And because our house is old and none of the rooms have central lighting I wanted the curtains to be sheer so as much light from outside came in. Black is currently Lily’s favorite color but the ruffles still keep things girly and the sheer doesn’t make the room look like a creepy dungeon.

All the baby stuff came off the walls so we had a blank slate. I kept up her name letters (which I took down for the pics since she isn’t really a Lily) but I needed something for over the bed. So I put Lily to work.


a clue to “Lily’s” real identity

I don’t know if I have been surfing Pinterest too much or am recalling my days of watching Trading Spaces marathons, but I thought to myself, “why can’t we make our own art for the walls?”

So I got a blank white canvas. Ryan sketched out some rough stripes and Lily went to painting. It is really simple, but she is so proud of it and I love that is makes the room her own.

Her room is now so much more representative of her personality than some frilly pink room her mommy dreamed of putting her little girl in. Thankfully her remodel happened at the same time as Silas moved to a big boy room so I just projected all my toddler room desires on him. Perhaps I will give you a preview of his room soon.

Do your kids get a say in how their rooms look?

I am so thankful to Pottery Barn for providing a comforter and sheets to provide us some room inspiration. As always all opinions, bad photos and amateur decorating skills are all mine.


  1. Kathleen says:

    I love the color of your bed.. Unique and it fits my personality. Is it okay if I try to have this theme in my room? Thanks for sharing the idea…
    Kathleen recently posted…Local Business PromoterMy Profile

  2. I love the zebra canvas! So much for you not being crafty!!

  3. My daughter loves zebras as well! I may have to get that Target rug for her (it might clash with her pink frillies but who cares!) and I love the art you made together!

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