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From the moment I saw the, well, I saw we were having a boy on ultrasound people can’t wait to tell me how different boys are from girls. And for the first year and a half of his life, people have been asking me, “Isn’t it different?” And honestly, for the first 17 months of his life I could honestly say it wasn’t that different. But then we hit 18 months.

Silas has been nicknamed “Tornado” by his sisters for his ability to completely destroy a room in 2 seconds. I can’t turn my back for a minute. And this week has been an eventful one for the little man. he is earning his official “boy” stripes.

On Tuesday we took Silas for his first hair cut. Like his daddy, Silas is blessed with some gorgeous curls in his hair. But it was getting a bit long in the back. Which created kind of an afro mullet. And his Papa started to complain he was looking like a girl. Which may have been true but his mama was having trouble cutting off his gorgeous curls. But cut them of we did and now my baby is a straight up little boy. A ridiculously adorable little boy.

Wednesday morning, after dropping of Hannah at school. Silas and I headed to the gym. I dropped him off at daycare and promptly went off to die on the treadmill. Sidenote: Seriously will I EVER like running? Shortly after I showered in complete peace in a shower someone else had to clean, one of the daycare workers came to find me. Apparently when the pager they give you is left in your bag so you can shower in peace, you can’t tell when they are paging you repeatedly.

And the reason I was paged repeatedly? Apparently my newly shorn son had had a diarrhea explosion caused an evacuation of the entire gym daycare. Cause APPARENTLY when you poop so much that it goes through your diaper, onesie, and corduroy pants and onto the floor, that causes some sort of biohazard hazmet zone. My first clue to this happening should have been when I discovered my son that morning with a bag of dried fruit that he had polished off. I am not sure prunes agreed with his system. The good news is he has given me the perfect excuse to avoid the gym forever more.

Which brings us to today. The weather FINALLY got nice so I took the kids to the park. Silas has become quite the climber and loves going down slides head first. He is hard to keep up with so I admit after a while I stopped staying close to him and just let him do his thing. That was about the moment he decided to dive head first off a high up part of the playground equipment and land head first on the ground.

My heart exploded as I wondered if my son survived the fall. He had a mouth full of dirt, a few cuts on his face and a goose egg the size of well….and egg….. but he made it. His mama almost didn’t. How am I going to survive another 16 years of this?


  1. This made me laugh so hard I choked on my carrot and sent part of it up my nose! I too have a boy and he gives me heart attacks at least twice a day.
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  2. I have a boy after two little girls as well. And they can be so different–daring and active far beyond my girls. I’m so glad your little fellow is okay, but they sure can stop your heart!!

  3. I had to fetch my 23mo BOY off the top of a 4′ dresser this morning before breakfast. I feel your pain.
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  4. Welcome! Here’s a hint. If you leave the room for a minute and DON”T hear anything return as fast as you can. Silence is not golden with little boys. They’re taking something apart, ordering pay-per-view movies with the remote, or practicing parkour.

  5. Um yeah. I’m in the same boat. My first? Kind of afraid of new things so I haven’t had to worry too much… the second? Well, wait until you see the pictures that go up in a few minutes. He’s 13 months old and completely fearless. I’m the one that’s afraid!
    Oh, and he totally has the head first slide thing mastered too… after the first day of seeing a slide last week!

  6. nicolerenae says:

    Yes, boys are completely different, and God gave me 3 of them! At least I have a girl in there to give me a little break! After awhile the craziness won’t even phase you…

  7. I can totally relate. My little guy will be 18 months in two weeks and he has been getting busier by the day and more adventurous. He’s had more split lips and goose eggs than his sister ever has and she’s 2.5 years older. Sometimes I’m not sure that I’m up for the adventure….but away we go on the ride anyway! :)
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  8. First of all, let me start by saying I really have enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to reading and commenting again in the future :D

    On that note though, I have to say I disagree with some of this — because my son Malkolm wasn’t ever rough and tumble, in fact quite the opposite. He’s the oldest of my brood, with two younger sisters, almost five years older than my middle child, and so far at 10-years-old, he’s the most patient and gentle and rule-following of the bunch. The perfect big brother to little sisters most days.

    I remember when he was younger, I used to wonder if he was maybe too sensitive, but as he gets older, it’s becomes more clear to me that his kindness and gentle spirit don’t make him any less of a boy than if he were physically aggressive like other boys.

    When he was 3-years-old, he would not touch the “dangerous” playground equipment, always went up the stairs. Never tried to climb up the slide after going down. He’s the kid who would always end up with a bloody nose when his cousins would forget he wasn’t their brother and get too rough with him. Contrast this with my now 5-year-old who at 2 didn’t want anything to do with the safe stuff; and now, my youngest, who will be 2 at the end of May — well she’s the most fearless of all three. It blows me away.

    The three major differences I see among my children is that the girls are so much more dramaaaaaaaatic. Everything is sooooooooo earth shattering, and impooooortant and …. did I mention they were dramatic?! The second major difference I see is my son’s complete inability to multi-task compared to his sisters … there’s just no comparison there. LOL!! A close third is my girls are way more socially aware than my son ever was. Their perceptions about relationships (not romantic, just in general) and their attentiveness to emotional reactions is off the charts compared to my son. Where he would come home from school and tell me every word of a story the teacher read to them, every single thing he learned about in class but not remember any of his classmates names, my daughter comes home and tells me which friend she played with and how so-and-so didn’t want to be her friend anymore and not one thing about class work.

    My sweet, strong, sensitive son has a special view of the world — one that is wise beyond his years, and every day he amazes me with his ideas and thoughts about things. Sometimes I forget he is only 10.

    I just wanted to throw this out there, because if there are other mothers reading who think that their son might not be normal because he’s not jumping off the dresser, or choosing to climb up the rock wall or the pole instead of walking up the stairs, that he is still exactly how God wants and needs him to be to fulfill His plan. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!! :D
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  9. It gets easier- probably around age 4. My son was into EVERYTHING! And to top it off he figued out all of the child proofing stuff so nothing was safe. Just take a deep breath and remember- “this too shall pass” :).

  10. Ah yes, we’ve survived almost 7 years with our boy and the other is. The 5 year old got a goose-egg tonight in the shower because you know, two brothers have to soap up the floor and “skate” on it. Ummm….hello head meet tile! I can so sympathize and laugh with your post!
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