Friends Forever

If the title of this post makes you think Michael W. in your head right now, you would be oh so wrong. Think more along the lines of midriff baring tops and skirts with bicycle shorts underneath. As well as bad lip syncing and…..instrument syncing? Well bad fake playing of instruments anyway. That is all your clues for today. First person to guess correctly gets….well nothing, except for the knowledge that you, like me, have a brain full of useless pop culture trivia.

Anywho, none of that actually has anything to do with this post. Actually, the hubby and I are sitting in the Detroit airport waiting to head back home from a weekend away in Cape Cod. We spent a lovely weekend with friends celebrating the marriage of Matt and Maggie (who recently revealed herself as a long time Diaper Diaries stalker- Hi Maggie). Matt and my hubby have been friends since first grade. FIRST GRADE. We told Lily before we left that maybe someone she is friends with right now would stay friends until she is a mommy and that thought blew my mind.

My hubby has a large group of guy friends who have been friends forever. Not all of them go back as far as elementary school, but many of them do and most of them came to the group in high school. They almost all went to Michigan State together and even through jobs, marriage and kids have managed to stand the test of time. They have so many stories together, many of them totally inappropriate, but their history is long. And I have heard the stories so many times, since they are repeated at every gathering, that I sometimes tell them as my own only to have my hubby gently remind me that I have gotten 79% of the details wrong.

They are a great group of guys. Crazy, wild teenagers who have grown up to be successful, responsible husbands and fathers. Us wives have wiggled our way into the group knowing that in some respects you get the hubby and the friends are a package deal. It was intimidating at first, but thankfully my hubby had dated some wackos previous to me so the bar was set low and I passed with flying colors. Plus as my readers know, I am pretty awesome (ahem).

This weekend was like all the weddings before. There was a lot of catching up, a ton of reminiscing, and a little too much alcohol. Like every wedding before the group of guys known as “One Trick Pony” serenaded the bride with “Duke of Earl”. A few of the guys broke out their break dancing skills from back in junior high (although they are a bit slower and you know they are going to feel it tomorrow). All of the crew posed for a picture where they are all a bit greyer and possibly a bit heavier than the last wedding.

But this weekend was bittersweet. You see, Matt is the last of the guys to marry. And I gotta admit even though I am just a friend by marriage, I found myself getting really sad. Friendships that long lasting are rare these days. Heck, I am barely friends with the same people as last week let alone twenty years ago. So I find myself incredibly envious of what these guys have maintained. They might not be in each other’s daily lives, but they are a fiercely loyal group. And I have no doubt whatsoever that they will always be in each other’s lives.

So we are determined to start some sort of yearly reunion. I voted for it to be in the Caribbean, but that probably isn’t going to happen. I also voted for there to be dancing because this group has closed out every wedding reception we have ever been to and rarely leaves the dance floor. And I am thinking there must be karaoke. Hopefully a little “Duke of Earl.” I guarantee there will be a ton of stories and inside jokes and laughter. Oh there will be a ton of laughter.  And I will continue to be blessed to have married into such a special group of people.


  1. Erin G says:

    Fun post! Glad you had a good weekend! :)
    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..German Pseudo-Siblings =-.

  2. What a special friendship! Those are few and far between and something to definitely be taken as the blessing they are.
    .-= Robyn OHSH´s last blog ..I Heart Faces :: Smiles =-.

  3. Jessica says:

    That is just awesome. I was recently talking to my best friend and realized that we have known each other for 15 years!!! Our friendship has never been closer that it is now. I have the luxury of living 1 block away from her and we see eachother every other day if not everyday!!! I also have a couple of other friends that I have know 10 years. I have never really taken the time to think how blessed I am to have great lifetime long friends like these.


  4. Ah, friends are so awesome! I hope your reunion thing works out! My longest friend is actually a penpal from Australia that I’ve had since the 2nd grade! She came to visit just after we got married and some day I really would love to go visit her!
    Otherwise, I have a best friend from high school who lives close and an awesome college roommate who lives about 3 hours away – thankfully near Seattle so we always get to stay with her when we go over there.
    I had a friend from grade school that I still have an address and phone number for, but unfortunately for some reason although she’s friended me on Facebook she seems to be refusing to talk to me. I literally haven’t heard from her since a week before my son was born in 2007. I’m thinking it’s probably time to give up trying, but that makes me sad. I’m one of those people that tries to hold onto friends forever!

  5. DeLinn says:

    Love this post! Nobody could have said it better. I’m so fortunate to live 5 minutes from my best friend, since kindergarten! We have just figured out that we’ve been friends for almost 30 years. (Yikes, makes us feel way too old!) We went all through school together, were college roommates, student taught together and were apart for just about 6 years when she and her hubby lived in Chicago.

    Thanks for the great post, and for the reminder to stop and truly appreciate that one friend (or group of friends) who is a part of who you are.

  6. Crystal says:

    Were you thinking of Vitamin C? I actually don’t know what she dressed like, but I remember that bright orange hair and I do remember a song by that name.

    Awesome that friends have stayed together that long. I think men are much better at maintaining friendships than women – they’re not catty and they just hang out. Women are so much more high maintenance!

  7. but NEW friends are equally as exciting. dontcha think? :)
    .-= lisa aka thebeadgirl´s last blog ..March for Babies! =-.

  8. awww that must’ve been a great trip! My husband also has kept his friends from years ago. They are a great group and they too mostly have inappropriate stories! lol My best friend married one of his best friends so that has been wonderful. I don’t keep in touch w/ many from my childhood days and that sometimes makes me sad…but having these friends in my life now sometimes make up for it!
    .-= Jen @ After The Alter´s last blog ..“Happiness Is a Journey, Not a Destination” =-.

  9. Love this story, Jill! Lifelong friends are treasures, and it takes dedication to keep that connection so that our busy lives drive us apart. How awesome it is to reconnect and within 5 minutes it’s like no time has passed!
    .-= Melanie Sapp´s last blog ..Her Majesty the Pre-K Queen =-.

  10. My husband has a great group of guy friends that go back to elementary too. We did start an annual reunion about 5 years ago over labor day. Each year there are more kids and more choas but we all look forward to traveling across the us to see each other again. My advice on the reunion is that someone just has to take charge and plan otherwise it will never happen. We happen to be the ones that plan it each year (which works in your advantage b/c we try to plan somewhere so it is not such a long drive for us).

  11. Awwww…I want that kind of friendship for my kids!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..F=ma =-.

  12. Renee says:

    You summed up the weekend perfectly – makes me a little teary reading it! :)

  13. Erica says:

    Those kinds a friendships are so great! Here’s hoping the Caribbean plan works out at least once!

    Oh, and the random trivia thing…could you be thinking of the fabulous episode of “Saved By the Bell” where the gang forms a fab band and Casey Caseum (sp?) tells the tale of their rise to stardom that was followed by a break up and then reunion? Too much detail? Yeah, I was a HUGE Saved by the Bell fan and secretly wanted to marry Zach! Shhh don’t tell my hubby! :)

  14. Erica says:

    Oh and I am so super glad I found your blog on Once A Month Mom! :D

  15. My DH has a group of friends similar to your DH’s. Their stories are inappropriate, too. Sounds like a fun weekend!
    .-= Our Country Road´s last blog ..Netflix on Wii =-.

  16. Great way of looking at it and putting it out in text, so emotional :) Good Job
    .-= Veto Corleone´s last blog ..Find a Best Friend with Real Christianity and Business =-.

  17. Maggie says:

    I am revealing myself in comment world for the first time – oh my! I took a break from all of my “serious” reading for honeymoon, so I am just getting to read your wonderful recap now. Feels a little frivolous to comment on this given all that you seen and shared from the DR, but I did want to let you know how much I loved reading this and how much we appreciated that you guys made the trip out!!

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